The Ardennes Hotel: La Roche Room

I went on a long staycation at The Ardennes Hotel over the Chinese New Year period with Jesz.

Since it was CNY, the hotel was pretty much vacant & more peaceful (like what we would have liked). The rates were at its lowest as compared to those days the gf stayed in – approximately SGD$200 per night.

Hotel’s lobby overlooking the mini restaurant

The 4D3N stay will be split into 2 separate posts since we stayed in 2 different rooms.

Hard to find such a lift in Singapore anymore! I was filled with enthusiasm while waiting for the lift.

Our suite at level 3 – La Roche for the supposedly 3 nights. There’s only 2 rooms on this level, whereby La Roche is the “dark room” and the other Suite Champagne features a brightly lit interior (talk about this room in another post).

I was awed by the darkness, sexy-looking bathroom and the option of sky-gazing.


Plus points:

  1. Overlooks the TV outside so bath-tubbers can have a long soak & watch their favorite shows.
  2. Plenty of space around the bathtub for food & drinks.
  3. The bathtub is so huge that it can seat 5 of me or 3 if I am lying down.

Minus points:

  1. The tub and the area all around looked like it needed a good scrub.
  2. We are not bathtubs kinda people, so we would prefer a rainshower. or at least a standing shower-hose.
  3. The shower-hose was so short that I gotta squat in the tub to shower with its slow, small stream of water.
  4. There is no hooks or railings to hang our towels or clothes in the bathroom.

The TV aka desk would definitely had its glorious days! Now, it looks all chip, faded….. and DUSTY.

The housekeeping service can be better. Like 100% better. ;-/

The gf shows you the cute lift again.

We went to check out the pool and I was mildly disappointed that it’s so tiny and ‘exposing’. You swim on top; below people eating in restaurant enjoying the sexy (or not) view.

When we were having breakfast the next day, I was trying to see if I spot anyone swimming. The pool didn’t seem popular though. (check top left of pic)

The breakfast choices are always the same: English breakfast or pancakes.

Go for the first if you want to feel fuller.

Overall rating: 2.5/5

The Ardennes Hotel is located at: 11 Jalan Klapa Singapore 199323
Tel: +65 6789 1001


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