Kiki’s 1st Vaccination

Being a kitty’s parent is extremely exhausting! It has been slightly more than a month since we had Kiki, our Tabby kitten which I nicknamed “Little Tiger”. (Read about how we got him HERE)

It was time for Kiki to get his first vaccine. We had fed him the deworm pill a few times prior to this, as well as cleaning his ears regularly to avoid ear-mites.

The usually naughty Kiki was super quiet the moment he was placed in his small cage & carried out of the house! hahaha!

We were kinda gloating. (oops sorry Kiki) It is just so rare that he doesn’t scream his lungs off or growl like he’s the boss of the house. Now he knows how big the world is!

Arrived at Light of Life Vet and greeted by little dog nurse 😉

He got his jab and we were told that he’s healthy and can eat as much as he wants to put on more weight. The vaccination didn’t make him as lethargic as it would to some cats though.See the little tiger & his attempt to scream just to be let out. We don’t let him roam the house unless there is someone in as the house is not cat-proof yet. (Windows and doors)

He also started to bite us and BabyChia hard enough to wound. When he does that, I’ll punish him by putting him into the small cage where there are no toys so he can “reflect” for a few minutes & calm down.

When I finally let him out, he will show his ‘apology’ by rubbing against me and kisses my face. #heartmelt

Kiki, please grow up healthy & less aggressive & we will shower you with alot of love. Promise.


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