6-Course Boston Lobster Set at $36.80++

An unplanned lunch choice ended up to be a 6-course one. As a reward after the city hike and also as the bebeh’s birthday treat, we winded up at Mouth Restaurant initially for a 3-course meal but a look at the 6-course Boston Lobster & Seafood Set menu made us cancel the previous order right away!

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Emotional and Energy Detox

I wanted to do something for me so during my birthday month, I gifted myself something that I never would have done in the past – an emotional and energy detox session. I spent $140 on this one hour session, which some might think why is it necessary? 5 years ago, I most probably would spend this sum elsewhere, be it on a spa session or shopping.

Not sure if it’s due to age, I have started to be more mindful towards my health – physically, mentally, emotionally and even spirtually. My heart and mind have been calling out for a positive change. I thought a “release” will do me good. How can I load more positive onto me without unloading the negative baggage first?

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Worst Pet Grooming Experience

Ever received a phone call from school telling you to bring your child home because he / she is disrupting class? Well, I did, of sorts. Just that mine comes in the form of a fur kid. But I guess the sense of dejection felt was as real as any parent would have experienced.

Bear in mind that the review you are about to read is based purely on our personal experience (albeit a really really poor one) and observation.
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Riders Cafe Gave Me A Birthday Present!

This has got to be one of the most fun and impromptu birthday ever! Few days prior to March 11, S made a reservation at Riders Cafe, since she felt the birthday girl who loves brunch food deserves a scenery she will enjoy. The bestie who shares the same birthday as me decided to join us! It was such a pity though… that 2 birthday girls have no honour of getting the balcony view because Riders Cafe is very strict on the first come first served policy;  reservation doesn’t count.

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Natural Herbal Hair Care Treatment

Hair plays an important role to the physical age. The lack of a full crown may easily add on 10-20 years to a person. Other than looking pretty with all the colors and chemical treatments (rebonding/perming), scalp care is one thing that many neglect, including me.

From oral supplement to tonic spray and tonic solution via a dripper, I am constantly open to trying hair loss solutions. Fortunately the last few products seemed to work fairly well for me, but I’ll not stop at improving my scalp and hair’s health with natural ingredients. I also try not to consume too many supplement or pills of any kind because it might put stress on my kidneys. The search led me to this natural herbal scalp treatment.

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