Baby’s Breath Flowers: Buying from the Online Florist Singapore

Gypsophila or Baby’s Breath flowers are a staple flower for wedding bouquets, but they are also the best when it comes to elegant bouquets for any occasions. Buying Gypsophila is more convenient when you have the florist to turn to. Any Flower Delivery that you want for the flower gifts is available at the flower shop. The Florist has the best resources to provide the kind of flowers and delivery services you expect. For your special bouquet of Baby’s Breath, you can buy from the online florist anytime. 

559e46438fd74083a48fcf6cb8a55240You can buy these beautiful white and dainty flowers of Baby’s Breath in bulk from the online florist. The flower shop is directly connected to several local florists and suppliers who can provide the amount of flowers you need, even for bulk orders on special days or events. It is good to know that buying the Baby’s Breath flowers from the florist online is a convenient way of having beautiful flowers. The internet makes it possible and easier, and the florist assures you that the flower you order will arrive at the exact time you expect and in the right condition, whether it is a special bouquet or just a bunch of stems of flowers.


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Road Trip to Pontian

What happens if there is no time to plan for a proper holiday? You pack your backpacks, write up a grocery list, get in the car and go on a road trip to Johore Bahru while catching up on life with a few friends. Thanks to the bff and her efficient PA skills, she planned the 2-nights itinerary and even booked us our hotel rooms. Off we go then!

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A Birthday to Remember

2017 has been very kind to me so far. This year’s birthday holds great meaning for me. I lost someone who used to be so precious to me last year and got let down again and again. With a less than positive mindset, I was assuming that this year will be a sad and lack-of-luck one, but no, life goes on. As if to cheer me up, God sent me some angels I call them my family, companion and best friends, and also, the BIGGEST GIFT OF MY LIFE.

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The Decade-Long Wait to Save My Eyesight

A decade ago, I was extremely dejected when I found out I couldn’t have Lasik done like any other normal person. A decade later, I was overwhelmed at this new chance to see the world without the aid of any kind of lenses!

It didn’t occur to me to seek another professional advice or treatment after a lasik centre in Paragon diagnosed me with Keratoconus (KC) and abandoned me at that point of time. I let myself mourned over the fact that I will be condemned to glasses-wearing for the rest of my life and perhaps even risk going blind.

Neither did I know that years down the road, the technology made it possible to halt the progression of  KC and also strengthen the cornea. I am thankful that I published “How Myopia Affected My Life” and posted it on Facebook. Someone on Facebook recommended me to see Dr Julian Theng from Eagle Eye Centre as she has had her eyes (which was in a worse condition as compared to mine) treated. Thank you, Evelyn!

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