Introducing bsoul: Natural, Eco-friendly Skincare

[Introduction + Mini Giveaway]

Couple of months ago, I came to learn more about this brand, bSoul, and more about Skin Physiological Normalization. That was also when I stopped accepting any more skincare reviews (Very selective. The ingredients in your products gotta pass my expectations first) after realizing the importance and the consequences of what a lot of ingredients in many products out there have been doing and possibly doing to my skin.


The range of bSoul skincare that I’m using.

Left to right: Hydra-milk Cleanser, Hydra-face Scrub 3Action, Hydra-Lift, Redness Sinergy, Hydra-comfort Face Cream & Hydra-Lip.

It is a fact that my skin has been deteriorating in all aspects – texture, tone, elasticity, pores and sensitivity. I would have credited most of these to age and at times, I simply brushed it aside thinking it was just a phase that my skin was going through since I tested so many products. But no more am I gonna try out too many products anymore!

I am officially giving my skin a break from all synthetic & skincare products that claim to be excellent but one look at the ingredients’ list, you just feel like smacking them right in the face!

More about bSoul:

bSoul is a Tuscany brand that cares about the health and beauty of every woman. This is a range of beauty products with highly effective natural formulas and refined textures. Simple but rich in content, bSoul is capable of providing all that is better for your skin and respecting the environment. bSoul is an eco-friendly phytoceutical skin care line, rich in certified active ingredients principles.


What is Skin Physiological Normalization?

The skin, like any other organs in the body has a restorative, normalization and reactivation time given by physiological rhythms and modalities imposed by nature.

A good skin is able to self-defend, self-repair, retain water and nutrients.

 photo 587be7c8-ade5-4ada-84b6-6987bdae538c_zpsa5f37542.png


bSoul is entirely biocompatible, 100% eco-friendly and 100% skin-friendly.

bSoul range does not contain mineral oils, petroleum products ( butylene glycol, propylene glycol, etc.) dimethicone, petrolatum, paraffin, alkyl, acryl, peg, substances of animal origin, SLEs and parabens.


The choice not to use non-biocompatible substances, plastics and silicones is the direct consequence of constant research on skin physiological normalization, to really let our skin appear its best without illusory appearance.

bSoul skin care is certified by ICEA (Environmental and Ethical Certification Institute), Vegan friendly and also cruelty free.
Preservatives such as Phenoxyethanol used in bSoul skin care are approved by ICEA.
Ingredients such as benzyl alcohol are a natural occurring which can be found in the plant itself.
Fragrances used in bSoul skin care are approved by ICEA too.


I’ll be back with a review soon! Meanwhile, do click HERE for more information or like bSoul Singapore Facebook page!


I’m giving away 5 sets of bSoul 5-day trial kits!

Simply leave a comment with your email address under this post and tell me your skin concerns!

Closing date: 20 June 2014, 1159hrs


Website: Herine Beauty

Instagram: @Herine_Ang

Twitter: @Herine_Ang



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