Goodbye May!

Wow! Year 2014 is speeding too fast!


I’ve been at my new job for 1.5 months in a wink and even though every single day, I feel like a busy bee buzzing around, but I am contented that I am wasting no time in life. My weekends are spent with my love ones, even though most times I gotta run errands.

You may be wondering what happened to my facial & massage job at Herine Beauty

Well, in March I received news that the salon owners are planning to sell off the place. Even though they assured me that they will inform the next owner about the arrangement with me, meaning that even with the new owner, I am able to continue my humble beauty services, I didn’t feel very confident that it will be that way so I needed to do some planning. The best way would be to have a stable full-time job…. and I got it – doing marketing job in a beauty & wellness industry, which is something I’ve always wanted! 😉

Good news in bad news! Life is still pretty positive, isn’t it!

th (1)

Hence, I decided to hold a full-time job and convert my beauty services to just by appointments only on weekends. It was really very tiring! Just last week, I was informed that the new owner will not be doing beauty business, so I have to stop my services for good. Thank goodness! I won’t be a sad jobless person hanging around! hahaha!

My Facebook page Herine Beauty – Face & Body will still be available. I’ll be sharing my posts and other stuff over there so please don’t ditch me and go okie? 😉

th (2)

Here’s some bits of my life (maybe more of my cheap online buys hehe) in May!


Super in love with this embroidered long sleeve shirt which cost approximately $10 only. The material is so light and smooth, and I didn’t feel very hot from wearing it! Even though some of the stitches seem to be falling out, but cannot hiam la it’s so cheap! I love the Dutch (is it??) ladies & gentlemen holding hands! 😉


Also got a drawstring checkers pants (less than $8 I think) which is super thin. Very comfy to wear but I don’t think it will last very long.

I’m in love with this pair of shoes ($11)! So versatile and goes well with a lot of outfits!


One of my favourite activity (not that I would wanna do much after a long day of work) is to take a short walk with the gf and Baby Chia after dinner.


This stripes leggings has see-thru mash netting material that the gf remarked “looks a bit slutty”. WHAT?! That’s so sad…. I still thought very stylo leh hahahha coz the rest I saw are so common just stripes leggings.


Did partial pink coloring in the hair. Wearing another new top – black long sleeve shirt with 2 “eyes” sewn to the collars.


Throwback of probably a 24 years ago. That’s me on the left and my same age cousin aka godbrother on the right. I think we looked really cute back then! What happened seriously?


Primary 1 & 2 – I joined chinese dance. And I think I was quite good at it and was so flexible! But that makeup…… unforgettable!


Attended a friend’s wedding dinner just last night with the gf.


Nah no dress, I feel more comfy in pants and blazer. 😉

Follow me on Instagram @Herine_Ang for little snippets of my life! 😉

Today is 1st of June, wishing my Mom a Happy 48th Birthday! We are gonna make Kimchi hotpot later! muhahah!


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