Wax XXX Professional Home Kit Review

During my years of beauty work, I had waxed plenty of arms, legs and some privates (the only body area I hated waxing for many reasons). I once had a brazilian waxing done at a parlour that left me cringing at the thought of attempting it again because of their uncommon method of prepping. Instead of “greasing” the area (which can minimise some pain) after cleaning it, they powdered it instead. The moment the hot wax was pulled off, my knee out of reflex hit the light lamp that was at the side of the bed and the wall. I can’t remember if I went home with any skin left on my intimates. Other than the therapist’s skills, the wax product plays a big part in delivering a less painful experience for the consumer! Needless to say, I stayed off brazilian waxing.

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Youth Booster Facial at Chrysalis Spa

We know that dehydrated skin causes fine lines, wrinkles and eventually loss of elasticity. For me, dehydration also boosted the stubbornness of my clogged pores. While on my natural skincare journey for the last few years, I skipped doing facials and extractions entirely. Whilst natural, functional ingredients work at keeping the skin’s innate ability to self-restore and “purging” of impurities, it didn’t mean that it can keep all the congestion at bay.  Early this year, I noticed the clogged pores going viral across the entire face. I don’t even need a magnifying lamp to see that!

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Achieve Baby-Smooth Skin with This Microshell Porcelain Body Lotion!

I tend to avoid over moisturising my skin (not that I don’t need the moisture) because of my sweaty palms and feet. The formulation in most body lotions also tend to make me perspire – something not so common in most people. And… I have just found the best body lotion ever for my dehydrated yet oily skin till date!

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Most Effective Hair Products I Ever Tried

I have been using this shampoo & hair mask for a few months now and I am stoked! My head of hay has been the softest and smoothest in the last 15 years! If I had reviewed and said any haircare products were my favorites, please allow me to change it to this now. I kid you not, I am totally in love with this 2 amazing products!

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Ash Grey Hair & Milbon Hair Treatment

Short hair tends to grow so much faster than when I had long hair. Needless to say, it’s important to have a trim once a month to keep the style “alive”. Just a couple of days before my Lasik procedure, I managed to squeeze in a session with WOW Style Angel.

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