Biconi Natural Face Cleanser and Glow Facial Serum

I support natural and locally handmade products. After I finished using Biconi’s natural Shampoo Bar and Conditioner, I started trying out this facial set that claims to protect delicate skin from environmental damage, eliminates clogged pores, and improves skin tone. This 2-piece bundle served me fine and fast enough when I got home too late and really need to get to sleep as soon as I can. I love a fuss-free skincare routine.

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Tip Toe Nail & Hair Spa

I have been deliberately ignoring my nails for the longest time and whilst super-short, naked nails didn’t bother me, it is always pleasant to have colours and properly manicured fingers. It does make a difference to the personal grooming part and making an impression.

The thing about going to nail parlours is – I hate having to face hard-selling manicurists and I dislike rejecting people and even having to open my mouth to turn them down. The beauty industry has been known to not sustain too long, hence all the more I wouldn’t want to sign a package to come to realise that they close down after that. Recently, I stumbled upon Tip Toe Nails Spa, a humble and cozy nail and scalp-care salon within my neighbourhood and I was pleased to know that they do not offer package (nor hard-sell) to customers unless requested!

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Skinvestigate: Natural Organic Skincare

The natural skincare journey didn’t stop at just one brand despite my love for it. I came across Skinvestigate, a website that offers accessible and affordable natural organic skincare. After browsing through, I picked out 4 products to try and review!

 photo IMG_0096_zpsm12petcr.jpg

  1. Gentle Cleansing Milk 150ml (91% Organic)
  2. Gentle Face Wash 150ml (74% Organic) 
  3. Age Resist Face Moisturiser 50ml (90% Organic) 
  4. Caring Hand Cream 75ml (87% Organic)


Gentle Cleansing Milk 150ml (91% Organic): $16.90

This nutrient rich cleansing milk gently cleans skin and removes make-up to leave it soft and comforted. Caring Sweet Almond Oil melts dirt, as Glycerin purifies and Aloe Vera hydrates. Made with 91% organic ingredients and certified to the strict organic skin care standards.

Ingredients of the product here.

Cleansing milks are my favorite when it comes to removing light makeup and cleansing the skin in the most gentle way without over-stripping the skin of its lipids. It is advised to massage the skin in circular movements for a few minutes so that the product can help to dislodge dirt and detoxify, while conditioning skin.

The creamy milk is a tad greasier than the one I usually use but it removes my normal light powder and eyeliner fine. Times when I feel that my skin is still clogged with dirt, I double cleanse with the cleanser below.

Rating: 3/5


Gentle Face Wash 150ml (74% Organic): $16.90

Plant derived cleansers gently clean skin, as softening coconut extract and anti-oxidant green tea condition. Made with 74% organic ingredients. All the ingredients include some of the greatest that nature has to offer natural beauty and all meeting organic face certification standards.

Ingredients of the product here.

This organic face wash is perfect for those that like a thorough-cleansed skin. It has been such a long time since I use a cleanser that foams! The foaming is not heavy – which is expected since the foaming are usually caused by chemicals. I like how the cleanser makes my skin feel. Clean, but not dry out.

Rating: 3.5/5


Age Resist Face Moisturiser 50ml (90% Organic): $16.90

Restore skin with this potent blend of antioxidant rich Argan and rejuvenating Shea Butter, while Cocoa Butter hydrates and Jojoba protects. Made with 90% organic ingredients with a delicate floral organic scent

Extremely hydrating and works well for flaky skin. I broke out a little during the first week of use, probably due to its rich ingredients and my insufficient lipids in the skin. I used this after cleansing and my skincare routine was cut short to just 2-3 products each day.

Ingredients of the product here.

Rating: 3/5

(ps: Sorry, moisturiser is not pictured as I left it at my friend’s house)



Caring Hand Cream 75ml (87% Organic): $13.90

An easily-absorbed certified organic hand cream that leaves hands moisturised, protected and cared for. This special blend of plant oils fight dryness as Shea and Cocoa Butter restore skin. Made with 87% organic ingredients.

Ingredients of the product here.

This hand cream works great for my wrinkled hands that have been washed too many times a day. Sometimes I look at my hand and think they belong to a 50 year old woman.

Rating: 4/5

hands img_0421

I cleansed and moisturized with the hand cream on my left hand. Check out the difference!

No more excuses not to moisturize, do I?

Overall, I think Skinvestigate offers good skincare products that are very value for money! I will highly recommend to people who wants to make natural product a staple of their skincare regime without burning a hole in their pockets.


Enter the promo code “HERINENATURAL” at checkout to enjoy a 15% discount of all orders for now till end Nov 2016!


There are serums, hair/bodycare and gift sets available on

Heroine Make Advanced Film Mascara Review

Before this, I have never depended on any mascara brands before. They came and go, but none of them left a strong impression on me. I had a love hate relationship with them, with an on and off usage. I know, when you have eye makeup on with no mascara or fake lashes, it almost always looks incomplete.

For people that often use mascaras, some seemed to be satisfied with the spider legs look many mascaras make their eyelashes appear, but not me. Unfortunately, I was not born with thick luscious lashes so to make them look that way would just make it seem like they are really sparse.

Sure, fake lashes are an option, but the change they have on my face are a tad too drastic for my liking as well. You know the drill, you get dependable on them and when you stop wearing it, everyone can see the huge difference (Also, everyone starts asking why you look so tired) Plus, they are a little troublesome for some one lazy like me. I prefer a more hassle-free routine, you know? (And fine, I am also a make-up rookie)

 photo unnamed 2_zpsjjv6iavq.jpg

Recently, I started using Heroine Make Advanced Film Mascara which offer two choices, one providing more volume and the other providing more length. I’ve never thought this day would come but now they are part of my make up routine like how I will never leave my house without drawing my brows.

I started off with Volume & Curl Advanced Film Mascara first. Immediately I knew this was something I would return to using. This mascara made my lashes looked fuller and more dramatic, with minimal to no clumps. It gave the impression of fake lashes without being too extreme. I was in love with it right away. Not to mention that the ones I used in the past never lasted as long as this one did. I stay out late at nights for pretty long hours, so this mascara was really a trooper to stay on for so long.

 photo IMG_0079_zpsc6uwljkn.jpg

Although I was reluctant to change at first since I fell in love and dependable with their volume mascara , I went on to try the Long & Curl Advanced Film Mascara. Like its other half, the Heroine Make length and curl’s performance was equally as impressive. It offers a different look compared to its partner. True to it’s title, it gave length in a natural and less dramatic way. So for anyone, opting for the “I-have-naturally-long-lashes” look, this is the one for you! This option gave me a more natural and demure finish to my makeup.

 photo IMG_0083_zpshn28okc8.jpg

 photo IMG_0081_zpsa4qrvgoy.jpg

So I guess right now I’ll just stick to these two products, the natural-looking one for daytime outings and the more dramatic one for the fuller darker look at night!


Heroine Make Long & Curl Advanced Film Mascara, $21.90

Heroine Make Volume & Curl Advanced Film Mascara, $21.90

Available at selected WATSONS, SASA and departmental stores.


Review is contributed by Tiffany (@basictee)

3 Signs That Your ‘Natural’ Product May Not Be THAT Natural

Have you ever purchased any product that has such strong claims and wonderful key ingredients but as you went months into using it, you started thinking if the product wasn’t really that fantastic or your skin must be screwed up in some ways hence the lack of results?

We all develop expectations based on advertisements, reviews and word of mouth. I was guilty for buying stuff just because I heard and/or read that they were good. I bought them so quick that I didn’t even bother to check the labels – thanks to the convenience of online shopping.


As you may have already know, one product that works for another, might not work as well for you. And then, there comes the clean trend whereby people began paying more attention to what their skin use. This trend piqued a rise in the natural and organic skincare industry. Now, if you are into natural skincare, you would know what kind of ingredients benefit you and the environment (for the green souls). However, do you read all the ingredients on that tiny label on the back of the product?


When you are shopping for natural products, ask yourself 2 questions:

  1. Are you paying for what it’s really worth?
  2. Are you paying for what you think it is?


First of all, natural ingredients to go into a bottle of serum or cream is NOT cheap. I believed I must have mentioned it before.

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3 Signs that a ‘natural’ product may not be THAT natural.


1. Product is too cheap

Natural ingredients and plant extracts ain’t cheap since you will need a lot of it in a bottle. As the demand gets higher, we will naturally face higher price. Crops are depleting faster than we can produce.


2. You don’t get to see the full ingredients list

This tends to happen if the brand only has online store. They might not state the full ingredients list so as not to counter their own claims.


3. Strong marketing claim of “10 Active Ingredients” for example

If the brand isn’t doing 100% natural product but wants to use the word “natural” to attract consumers, they most likely will emphasize heavily on the key active ingredients. Anyway if ONE ingredient among the list of 10 is natural, they can call it natural!


Let’s be smarter consumers, smarter users together. 😉


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