Food Digs: I Wanna Get Stuffed


I’m here to share with you this relatively new food place in Tampines! I’ve been there 2 times & I quite like the place & the idea of having affordable Italian western food in the neighborhood!

The cafe’s name is “IWannaGetStuffed“! How cute? Check out some of the food I’ve tried!

$6 per serving.

I had expected MANY small pieces of mushroom, so when it was served, we were a lil disappointed thinking that the portion wasn’t what we expected, but after a bite, we were surprised! There –  a layer of ham in between the Portobello mushroom and cheese, complete with refreshing salad at the side.

$6 per serving.

This potato skin thingy is so worth it with beef & cheese! If you order this alone, you probably don’t have to order any more main dish!


$10. Grilled chicken chop with seasonal vegetables, mushroom sauce & baked potato with cheese. Oh so yum!

$10 Pan-seared Cajun Fish. When the plate was set down, C, Bestie & her bf were all drooling at it. Cos it was mine! Hahaa! The fish was very tender, fries nicely done & greens to go. *LOVE*

They have desserts & cakes too! And they serve alcohol!

Woots! We can officially chill in PJs! ~LOL~

Wait! Did I tell you that there is NO Service charge or GST?! Bonus point! And they have this accumulate stamps card. For every $20 you spent, you get a stamp. When you accumulated 5 stamps, you get $5 rebate. 😉

IWannaGetStuffed is located at 801 Tampines Ave 4 if you wanna visit!

Tel:             6785 4690

[Note: This is not an advertorial. I paid for my own food. So it’s free advertising for IWannaGetStuffed.]


Few weeks back while waiting for our movie to start, C & I decided I can try my luck at Prizestage at Tampines Mall. Not my usual hobby, but I realized I’m good at catching mini TED! *muhahha*

Caught 2 Teds with 2 tries each.

 Gonna aim for this big TED! I hope Mom wont nag if I bring this home some day!



  1. Hi Herine.

    Just stumbled across your Blog about our Resturaunt Iwannagetstuffed in Tampines.

    We are delighted that your dinning experience with us was a pleasurable one.

    We are constantly evolving so we welcome all feedback.
    Please take a look at our new face book page when you have the time.

    We would like to thank you for your support by inviting you and a friend for dinner one evening.

    You may contact me on the email above.

    Again, thank you for your support and we hope you continue to enjoy dinning with us.

    Mr and Mrs Kee.

    Iwannagetstuffed xx



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