My Little Saving Tips (Part 1)

Earn peanuts, save peanuts? Earn a decent sum but still save a pathetic amount?

Saving up is just so hard!

The more we earn, the more we would want to spend. The less we earn, the less possible it seems to save up then, isn’t it?

Here are some of my “tricks” at saving, most times, thou there are definitely times I feel like splurging a little here & there, but every little bit of saving counts!

This post will be on how I save on watching movies. 😉

(image credit to google)

Try not to watch movies on weekends:

  • The cinemas are always so crowded anyway. And I hate crowds. Most times, I’ll be sitting beside somebody who took up some of my space too.
  • Movie tickets at such peak periods are much more expensive than weekdays.

Eg: $8 on weekdays, $11 on weekends. $3 difference makes a BIG DIFFERENCE if I watch a movie every weekend. I save $12 a month if I watch it on weekdays instead. 

Not to mention on weekdays if I use my student card/other card, I get to save more too.


Location of cinema:

I stay in Tampines, I can easily catch a movie at Century Square’s Shaw or Tampines Mall’s Golden Village. If I have no other plans, I will definitely NOT specially travel to town to just watch a movie. Save my time, save on transport. Oh, and I can dress down. ;-p


Watch for the sake of watching?

There are times when no movies greatly interest me. Perhaps there are 1 or 2 I don’t mind watching, but it isn’t a must. Well, then perhaps, I can hold it and watch online(eg: funshion) at home instead. That way, I eat at home & save more $$$ too.


These are just my tips and suggestions on how to save on movies entertainment. Of cos, you may not agree with me, but for those who really wanna save up, try it alright? 😉

I’ll be back on other saving tips!


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