Pho Stop: I Changed My Mind About Vietnam Food

Thanks to OpenRice & Pho Stop, I see a different light about Vietnam food!

I remembered when I was studying part-time, I bought one fresh summer roll from the basement of Ion to bring it to class. My first bite of Vietnam summer roll was a little frown at the bitterness. The sweet dip sauce didn’t help much and it didn’t taste very nice. Naturally, I didn’t attempt any more summer rolls nor Vietnam food after that.

However, after this lovely experience at Pho Stop, I declare that I love Vietnam food now! Read on to find out why!

 Ingredients all prepared for us & nicely set on the table!

 Special menu for us!

Rice paper & veg (not lettuce right?) are the 2 essential ingredients.

Bryan sharing with us his knowledge, Vietnam trips and basics of Vietnam food. (Estelle paying 100% attention!)

A lesson on how to make our own summer roll!

So… I faster make so that I can faster eat my own roll!! 

How does it look? A bit out of shape I must admit! I shall try again next time without wearing the disposable gloves as they keep getting “rolled” into my summer roll. LOL!!

A comparison with Bryan’s summer roll puts mine down! HAHA! #IamDefeated

The Vietnamese loves their dip sauces so much that they can eat it with anything! There are different types of dip sauce but they have one thing in common – that is they all contain fish sauce!

The dip sauce to go with our DIY summer rolls is this fish sauce (portion reduced to cater to our asian taste!) with shallots & garlic! I SUPER LIKE!

Was that why my summer roll tasted so frigging good???

Vietnamese Fish Cakes : $6.60++

Don’t go “Wah, pay $6+ just for fishcakes?!” because we went “WOOOWWW!” at the first bite!

This fish cakes has turmeric powder in them and it really taste very fragrant & salty (the kind of salty that I like). Initially I thought it was curry powder and I am very very taken aback by this dish. I never know fish cakes can taste even more awesome than they already are!

MUST TRY! Eat them when they are piping hot!

I rate: 5/5

Spring roll : $5.00++

Fried to a nice crispy texture but it isn’t too oily. I supposed the meat (or whatever content) inside has been marinated well before, hence the taste is released when you bite down into it. Dip it in their sauce and it is another kind of taste! Even though I am not a fried spring roll person, I like this dish.

I rate: 3.5/5

 Other than food, Pho Stop serves wine & beer too.

After the summer roll & 2 side dishes, I was already feeling a little full. Went to peer into their kitchen & Bryan told me that they are preparing our main dishes! Oh my, the servings look huge!

Pork Chop Dry Noodle : $9.20++

A healthy dish! I am already quite pleased with the amount of greens I see. The portion of grilled pork chop is also worthy for a meaty-diet person to try!

A sauce in a small bowl is set aside for you to add in according to your preference. I added all of it after tasting a mouthful of the noodles mixed with half of the portion of sauce.

Thick mee hoon (or bee hoon) is used for this dish. You can find thin shreds of cucumber and carrots inside. It somehow resembles achar and even though this is a main dish, it has the effects of a refreshing appetizer too!

And of course, the taste has a blissful combination with the pork chop. I love it!

I rate: 4.5/5

Markcus brought out the ice cream and we got so distracted! The ice cream is in such a cute jar that we had been eyeing them since we stepped into the shop!

 3 Ice cream flavors: Coffee, Coconut & Thai Tea.

Ice Cream : $3.20++

I choose coffee any time!

The coffee aroma is strong and each mouthful of the ice cream perks me up just like my daily coffee dose!

I tried the other flavors & I still like the coffee one. 😉

I rate: 4/5

 This is the coffee powder they use to make the ice cream!

Vietnamese Dripped Coffee : $3.50++

A traditional dripped coffee is the way to end a wonderful meal. I must remember to ask for much lesser condense milk the next time! I love my coffee a little bitter.

I rate: 3/5

Vietnamese Lotus Tea : $3.50++

Cookie ordered this so I took a sip out of her cup but I can’t accustom to the taste. It’s not awful but just really not my cup of tea. ;-p

I rate: 2/5

(Image credit: Damien aka Uncle Teh Peng)

Thank you OpenRice & Pho Stop again for this amazing session! I really enjoyed! Am going to visit again for some slurpy good food!

Pho Stop is located at 21 Tanjong Pagar Road #01-01, Singapore 088444

Opening Hours: Weekdays 11.30am – 9.30pm/Saturdays 11.00am – 3.00pm

Nearest MRT: Tanjong Pagar

Join me on Instagram: @Herine_Ang for freshest updates! 🙂



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