Wax XXX Professional Home Kit Review

During my years of beauty work, I had waxed plenty of arms, legs and some privates (the only body area I hated waxing for many reasons). I once had a brazilian waxing done at a parlour that left me cringing at the thought of attempting it again because of their uncommon method of prepping. Instead of “greasing” the area (which can minimise some pain) after cleaning it, they powdered it instead. The moment the hot wax was pulled off, my knee out of reflex hit the light lamp that was at the side of the bed and the wall. I can’t remember if I went home with any skin left on my intimates. Other than the therapist’s skills, the wax product plays a big part in delivering a less painful experience for the consumer! Needless to say, I stayed off brazilian waxing.

Recently, I was invited to Wax XXX┬ánew professional home waxing kit launch and I was elated to be one of the first few to try out! Continue reading →