A Better Florist: Fresh Blooms Every Day!

Flowers don’t worry about how they’re going to bloom. They just open up and turn toward the light and that makes them beautiful. ~Jim Carrey

I had no adoration for feminine stuff and that included flowers. The sense of appreciation found its way into me when I started developing the real love for nature – the sound of the wind, smell of the rain and the wonderful colors that God created in the picture that we see with our eyes.


During my teenage days, I received my first stalk of flower on Valentine’s Day, which I innocently believed that it was given to me because the giver had gotten his hands on one for free. I gave it to another girl whom I thought will like it way more than me.

When I started dating, I received another bouquet from an ex-boyfriend. I didn’t want to hold it at all and was embarrassed that I had to walk around in public with the bouquet in his hands. That was how I had been unappreciative of flowers and the typical courtship. I was never the girl people had wanted to be. I love no diamonds, flowers or fancy branded bags. That was me. 😉

I came across A Better Florist on Instagram one day and I instantly found a liking to the fresh blooms and colors on their feed. They emailed me for a feature and I went “Why not?”. I was at the period of time whereby I needed some cheer-me-ups.



I wanted something that’s versatile and comes in a pot so it can sit on any surface and nothing fanciful so I picked The Hayden – three succulents placed in a reclaimed wood box.


On J’s birthday, I wanted to send her something but I didn’t think she fancies anything that I could see from the website on that day. I called A Better Florist up and we discussed on my customization and possibilities.

The end result? This beautiful huge pot of sunflowers and lilies. Did I mention that everything was arranged and delivered on the same day? All I had to do was to give them details and make a bank transfer or paypal payment after. 😉

(ps: Thanks Steve for your wonderful help!)



A Better Florist sources directly from flower farms in the Cameron Highlands to offer the freshest flowers at an affordable price. They deliver flowers same-day everywhere in Singapore, and seven days a week for the ones who plan ahead. And delivery is free.

Planning to surprise a love one or friend with fresh flowers for an occasion or simply just because you want to?

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