10 Awesome Crossfit Workouts To Get Rid Of Love Handles

Excess weight is a problem which people all over the world struggle with. In the modern world of fast foods and processed carbohydrates, it can be very hard to maintain a healthy weight, especially if you aren’t an especially active person.

Even if you have managed to lose most of your excess weight, you may find it extremely difficult to lose those last few kilograms of belly fat. Also known as ‘love handles’, this fat tends to be extremely stubborn, and often needs a specially tailored workout with a range of different activities to try and move it.

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Keeping Slim with Pupa Intensive Shaping Abdomen Treatment

Heeeellllooooo!! *hula hoop dance*

Having blogged previously on how I dropped 2 sizes & shed 10kg, it might struck you how I maintain my shape since I stopped doing any of those exercises and being such a health freak. Other than the promised “secret” that I will share with you in another post, today I’m gonna show you this product that I’ve been using from Pupa Milano!

<Intensive Shaping Abdomen Treatment>

In case you do not know, Pupa is the Italian leader in body specific areas treatment products. With ultra-focused formula, this Intensive Shaping Abdomen Treatment targets, firm & shape up your tummy area specifically!

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