Punggol Field Play for The Doggies

Doggies going for field trips are just like kids going on excursions – full of enthusiasm and excitement. Even though the pre-outing logistics preparation to getting them calm down to physically bringing the kids out for activities drain the hoomans out so much like squeezing an orange dry of its juice, the joy that the furkids bring are so much greater than anything else.

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Why I Need to Train Myself to Run

My absolute imagination many a times pushes me to do something that I may otherwise have prefer not to. I wasn’t a running person, but ever since I embarked on my fitness journey, I have started to do a tiny bit of jogging. Back in school days, I have always done better at short distances. My speed was pretty amazing however it was capped at 400 metres. You can guess how badly I did for my 2.4 kilometres.

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