Hiking: Katong to Marina Reservoir & The City

Sweating it out is our new kind of sexy! After the urban hike from Katong to Kallang, we decided to take a longer hike this time to test our stamina since we normally capped at 10km, and also to indulge in some nature view along the way! The weather had been really cranky but we made it through without too much delay! Our feet carried us all the way from Katong to Tanjong Rhu, Marina Barrage, Gardens by the Bay & Marina Square! Where the cars can go, we can go too (almost)! 

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Emotional and Energy Detox

I wanted to do something for me so during my birthday month, I gifted myself something that I never would have done in the past – an emotional and energy detox session. I spent $140 on this one hour session, which some might think why is it necessary? 5 years ago, I most probably would spend this sum elsewhere, be it on a spa session or shopping.

Not sure if it’s due to age, I have started to be more mindful towards my health – physically, mentally, emotionally and even spirtually. My heart and mind have been calling out for a positive change. I thought a “release” will do me good. How can I load more positive onto me without unloading the negative baggage first?

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Worst Pet Grooming Experience

Ever received a phone call from school telling you to bring your child home because he / she is disrupting class? Well, I did, of sorts. Just that mine comes in the form of a fur kid. But I guess the sense of dejection felt was as real as any parent would have experienced.

Bear in mind that the review you are about to read is based purely on our personal experience (albeit a really really poor one) and observation.
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Sopra Ginza Singapore Pet Salon

Hair is not just the crowning glory of women and men, but pets too (unless you have an American Hairless Terrier or a Sphynx)! Even if the pawkids wouldn’t care much about their outlooks, the pawrents definitely will not say yes to a bad haircut or grooming services. Finding a pet grooming salon is easy in Singapore, but one that caters to the pawrents’ preferences in terms of shop’s hygiene, customer service and the quality of the services is just like hitting the jackpot – you don’t usually get it at the first try. There is a comparison since we had a real-life terrible experience with one particular groomer (more in another post) but here’s our favourite, and hopefully the pawkids’ too.

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