Suffering a Retina Tear

If I had used the word “traumatizing” often in the past, I must not have known the real meaning behind this word until May 17, 2017. Since I started specs-wearing from the age of 8, I built up the phobia of deteriorating vision and blindness. I maneuvered around darkness in my own familiar surrounding well (i was literally half blind with my severe myopia), but I feared, and still fear darkness to the extent that I might suffer a panic attack should I not control the paranoia.

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Ash Grey Hair & Milbon Hair Treatment

Short hair tends to grow so much faster than when I had long hair. Needless to say, it’s important to have a trim once a month to keep the style “alive”. Just a couple of days before my Lasik procedure, I managed to squeeze in a session with WOW Style Angel.

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Geometrical Nails

There couldn’t be a more appropriate time when Tip Toe Nail & Hair Spa gave me a clear-base, geometric design on my nails, prior to my eye surgery. The growing out stage seems more bearable since I foresee not doing nails for the next 2 months. The gelish had been really long-lasting as compared to the others I have had in the past!

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Top 7 Yoga-Before-Bed Poses To Reduce Your Back Pain

Yoga-before-bed is a practice that is rapidly becoming popular today. It focuses on stretching, flexibility, and strength. The practice has numerous benefits among which; it can help combat insomnia and alleviate chronic pain.

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Flying Solo Once Again

Hey there.

I will be blogging here from now as I am leaving MFP. This transition will take some time since I am not particularly clever in websites and such. I am still considering if I ought to get my own domain but for now this url seems good to go!

I will definitely miss those 6 years of blogging under where I learnt to construct my content if I want to, adding lots of personal touch to this space as one of their resident blogger and of course, making many friends in the process of “writing as a passion”.

I may not super proficient in writing and if you have been following my blog, you would have know what a singlish person I am. I show my character and life through my blog and it will not stop just there. 🙂

Please continue to join me in the journey of making merry and finding laughter as well as a well-balanced beauty and lifestyle. See you around!