Post-Lasik Thoughts

It has been almost 7 months since my EpiLasik at Eagle Eye Centre (EEC). It took me really long to write this post because of a series of events and some mixed feelings. I am still very glad that I am free from glasses-wearing (for now) and I guess it’s time for me to pen down some thoughts and updates.

When I wrote about “How Myopia Affected My Life“, I was more or less resigned to the fate that I will never be able to do any water sports nor look good WITHOUT my thick glasses at all times. Then shortly after, I was being assessed by EEC and given the go-ahead for the lasik and cornea-strengthening procedures. I had both procedures done in the same day in April this year. It took less than 15 mins and I was out of the operating theatre. Regular reviews were done to ensure fast and successful recovery. I visited the clinic at Mount Elizabeth Novena countless of times on top of the times I was supposed to because I am paranoid like that.

My paranoia isn’t all uncalled for when the retina specialist did a requested check in mid May. I was told that my eyes were suffering from high pressure due to one of the steroid eyedrops (Pred Forte) and… I had a tear in the retina. While coping with this horrible findings, EEC scheduled me for an emergency operation – where I had the laser op sitting up. (FYI: The retina tear wasn’t caused by the lasik. You can read more here.) Because of this incident, I almost forfeited the Bangkok trip with my friends in June. I was so worried and fearful if my retina tears again while being overseas. Thankfully the laser op sealed up that particular tear well, and I was given the go-ahead for the trip.

If you have known, I left my job end of Nov 2016, and took a very long break – which was further extended due to Lasik and the retina laser op. I’m not gonna smile and tell you that I am not scared even till now. I think I prayed more in this year than the last 10 years of Christianity. It takes a lot to fight against the fear and phobia, to fight against them from swallowing me whole.

I have to lay myself off permanently from all contact sports and whatever that might pose a risk. Even rolling the eyes make my eyes achy. The “rolling the eyes” part has got to be the toughest! Yea, I recently realized that I do make many eye movements and I have been making my very best efforts not to roll my eyes at all, if not excessively. (That makes me a more pleasant person I guess lol)

Put all this scary happenings aside, I am embracing these days of feeling no burden on the nose bridge! At times, I even forgot that earlier this year, I was still wearing heavy glasses. Swimming time has also been a breeze! I no longer have to wear glasses WHILE swimming (u must be thinking how I swim. FYI: head above water all the time); or risk leaving my glasses on a bench or table near the pool and have it broken accidentally. I did not even like the idea of someone borrowing my glasses to see how it feels like to be almost blind and I absolutely didn’t like anyone touching my specs at all. It’s time to re-train how I swim! If you are severely myopic like I was, you probably can imagine all the changes in the daily life good vision can bring! 🙂

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