Road Trip to Pontian

What happens if there is no time to plan for a proper holiday? You pack your backpacks, write up a grocery list, get in the car and go on a road trip to Johore Bahru while catching up on life with a few friends. Thanks to the bff and her efficient PA skills, she planned the 2-nights itinerary and even booked us our hotel rooms. Off we go then!

 photo abalone_zpsywvm7wyo.jpg

We drove in on a Friday night, which jammed like mad as usual and the first thing we wanna do when we reached JB was to eat. The fastest and easiest late night meal – abalone noodles (mushroom abalone lah) and lok lok!

We chop chop checked in to Baguss City Hotel (walking distance to City Square), dumped our bags and went to meet another couple for KTV at Neway Karaoke Box at City Square. We sang for 4 hours in their big and spacious room, and paid like only SGD$10 per pax. So cheap! If I’m not wrong, they don’t restrict timing, so it’s super value for money!

 photo duck_zpsyebgm5ok.jpg

 photo UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_339_zpszwoxtutx.jpg

More food the next day when we checked out, then we started an hour drive to Pontian.

 photo sunset_zpstpohotzz.jpg

Low tide means suaku Singaporeans getting down to the shoreline for some photos with the sunset view!

Fact: It was a heavily littered beach.

 photo pontian seafood dinner_zpsg9c4vsjq.jpg

Seafood feast – Pontian at Football Field (Zu Qiu Seafood Corner) 足球场海鲜茶餐室

We ordered crabs cooked in 3 different flavors – black pepper (most of us like this the most), chilli and salted egg yolk, some usual zichar dishes and the fish head hotpot. Eat until so full and we just wanted to all go check in to our next hotel and sleep really. The meal probably cost $20++ per pax only; super big difference than if we were to eat in Singapore!

This article has more info about this seafood restaurant:

 photo UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_342_zpsoid3dcji.jpg

Giant Supermarket near the dinner place and hotel so we settled some groceries here.

 photo UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_343_zpsv4ezoy7d.jpg

The Oikos Hotel is just right next to Zu Qiu Seafood Corner so it was really convenient for us. The only con is the parking can be quite highly demanded. The hotel receptionist informed us that we couldn’t park directly below after a certain hour, similar to Singapore’s non season parking ruling, so yeah we had to shift the car later the night.

We had all booked the double room which comes with a queen bed with no windows. Upon check in, S and I were quite lucky to top up just a few bucks for the deluxe room with king bed and windows instead. Better for people with claustrophobia because the rooms are really small!

 photo UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_347_zps1jtjpamc.jpg

Industrial themed rooms! Quite a good and cheap find since we were just gonna sleep and head off once we check out! No other photos cos I was already standing at the door of this deluxe room to be able to get a photo of almost the entire room in it.

 photo UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_34e_zpstpbxexhi.jpg

 photo UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_340_zps9pwoincw.jpg

This is the toilet in the double room which actually has the shower head above the toilet bowl. #AbitShocked

 photo wanton_zpswa2zvalc.jpg

The must-have in Pontian: WANTON MEE

Thumbs up!

Then we drove to KSL to run some errands before heading back to SG.

 photo goodbye_zps8wcf9ess.jpg

Goodbye Pontian!


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