Hotdog Mila’s 1st Barkday

Mila the Barkersaus had a small outdoor barkday celebration back in May this year – marking the 3rd barkday party I’ve been to within less than a year. This is very much overdue, while there are no special tips in organising a hotdog party, it’s always sweet to look back at the photos… and being reminded that Petra’s 2nd barkday is coming soon and the hoomans really need to start planning! ;-O

 photo DSC_2586 copy_zpsabrxgsdm.jpg

 photo DSC_2593_zpsqdchoi4w.jpg

 photo DSC_2569_zps2ezj6ksa.jpg

This photo says “The girl with no friends.” ;-p

Mila was having her 2nd PMS and was acting very anti-social.

 photo DSC_2572_zpswwurr2of.jpg

Make a guess who was the happiest having this picnic barkday celebration?

 photo DSC_2577 copy_zpssvxix5qz.jpg

Happy Momo 🙂

 photo running_zpsan1gwgce.jpg

Furkids and hoomans needing their exercise… except for…

 photo DSC_2611_zpsldikgntn.jpg

 photo DSC_2652_zpsbberms5r.jpg

 photo DSC_2658_zpsjabrnj0l.jpg

Petra had so much fun dashing around the big open grass patch and making friends with everyone he saw.

 photo petra gif_zps0vpx0vjh.gif
 photo gif_zps1tlvj70f.gif

What’s a barkday party without some friends? It was a pity that many of them couldn’t make it on this day! Thank you the rest for coming!

 photo DSC_2680_zpsbcvtvxi0.jpg

Paw-tea package from Pawlicious was ordered with some slight customisations. The package comes with:

  • 5″ Round Sponge cake
  • One Medium Salmon Baked Pasta
  • 8 pcs Meatloaf Bones
    (Salmon, Beef, Pork or Chicken)
  • 8 x Premium Mix Goodie Bags 80g/bag

You can check out the rest of their party packages HERE. (ps: Not sponsored.)

 photo DSC_2662_zpssjvbotmj.jpg

Woawoa, thank you for coming up to me. ;D

 photo DSC_2664_zpszsvhdvtr.jpg

Loving how much I can describe this candid photo.

 photo DSC_2668_zpsjdnnz2s8.jpg

 photo DSC_2732_zps6zfcmdiw.jpg

Mila’s special barkday cake! We kept the pink crown till now cos the blinking lights too cute. #ActuallyCosTheMommyIsAHoarder

 photo DSC_2699_zpsipo4dh2r.jpg

This Tyde (white jap spitz) sibei cute, he just went to sit in the middle because he really wants the cake so much? The mommy said (in a paiseh tone) “Eh Tyde, you think it’s your birthday is it?!” LOL.

 photo DSC_2704_zpsc3h18bfo.jpg

Then Tyde very automatic went to the back since the tallest kid in class always gotta stand at the last row, you know? ;-p


Can’t wait for the next mass outing with this bravos.

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