Achieve Baby-Smooth Skin with This Microshell Porcelain Body Lotion!

I tend to avoid over moisturising my skin (not that I don’t need the moisture) because of my sweaty palms and feet. The formulation in most body lotions also tend to make me perspire – something not so common in most people. And… I have just found the best body lotion ever for my dehydrated yet oily skin till date!

 photo IMG_5783_zpsi5qwclsn.jpg

AISAN Top Team Micro Shell Porcelain Brightening Milk is launched this year, shortly after I have seen the results of the Pure Flower Extract Shampoo and Revitalising Hair Mask that I have been using for a few months.

 Pearl Powder ➡️ Whitening, Oil Control, Lighten Spots.

 Bearberry Fruit Extraction ➡️ Safe & Reliable, Green Plant & Efficient Decolorisation combination that can penetrate into the skin quickly, at the same time without affecting the cell proliferation concentration. It also can effectively suppress the activity of the Fumarase in the skin to prevent the formation of melanin.

 European LindenFlowerExtract ➡️ Vitamin C, Anti-Aging, Clear Dark Spot. Maintain Skin Balancing, Prevent Sensitivity, Dilute fine lines.

 MacadamiaOil ➡️ ImproveSkin Smoothness. Protecting CellMembrane photo IMG_5779-side_zpsyuy4c3ux.jpg

The above photo was taken after a dog hash (an event like dog marathon), after plenty of sun and some scratches plus bites.I am generally fair-skinned and there are days where I get a little darker from hikes and outdoor events. I don’t mind getting tanned at all but at times, the tan seems very uneven. I saw an instant difference just after one application! My skin tone evened out and immediately turned brighter. The milk lotion absorbs fast and leaves no grease. The finishing touch is powder-smooth with a light fragrance to it. I used a few days continuously and my tan completely disappeared – which is sad for my case because it is very hard for me to be tanned. I am not complaining though since my skin does feel softer and more hydrated. Goodbye scaly skin!

Selling Price: $38 (180ml)

Beware of getting cheap deals on other selling platforms as they may not be 100% authentic!

Authorized distributors are not allowed to give discounts unless the company comes up with any promotions.

To order, please whatsapp 9119 7712 (sms or whatsapp only please) or send an email to

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