East Coast Walk with Little Buddy

While I was enjoying my year-long break, I took the chance to see more of Singapore, mother nature and working out at the same time. The bff and I did one to two hikes a week until we picked up yoga that eventually replaced the weekly hikes. It was through the countless walking that I learnt new routes and got a little better at remembering places.

There was a linkway to East Coast Park near bff’s place. It was only through hiking that we learnt about the link from Ambers Garden! I think this underpass is much nearer from the one at Marine Parade (bus stop to underpass). We decided to bring little buddy along and while waiting, I saw bff walking over from afar and I was wondering where was Buddy because I saw no dog walking!

 photo IMG_3630_zpsidggbfml.jpg

And there bebeh is… with her furry accessory lol

 photo IMG_3632_zpsj78oqa5p.jpg

Happy Buddy enjoying his playtime with Mommy and Aunty Herine at the park!

 photo collage_zps9vv2sy3c.png

Bud didi overcoming his fear for height!

 photo collage1_zpsdeac6oew.png

 photo IMG_3552_zpszgvmjurp.jpg

 photo IMG_3622_zpsdqy4djfb.jpg

3km for this little one! Be it a 3km or 10km hike, it is enjoyable with the like-minded. Any movement is better than being stagnant! I remember those days when I sat so much in the office and suffered from chronic pain. My TCM doctor always tell me that my blood and oxygen flow is very bad. When I started hiking regularly with bff, I will “report” to my doctor and he will go like “Good good. Stay active. Humans are designed to walk, not sit and be a potato couch!”

 photo IMG_3625_zpski9dospf.jpg

 photo collage2_zpsm5upgnws.png

Gotten so used to athleisure

 photo FullSizeRender2_zpspmu6d1vj.jpg

Bebeh’s photography has improved so much! 😀

 photo FullSizeRender_zpsocdqftjv.jpg

The iconic tower at ECP… which used to be shut down due to??

 photo FullSizeRender12_zpsgmv1wd1g.jpg


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