Planning for My Dream Gym Room!

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HDB flats lovers tend to question me on my choice of property (in future) – condominium, to the extent of breaking down the cost of the usage of facilities to whatsoever. Whatever they can think of. It isn’t surprising that many who stay in private properties and paying the maintenance fee ranging from $200 to $1000, do not utilise the facilities enough or at all to “justify” for the cost. To be honest, that’s their money and choices. Who are we to comment and control? Anyway, new HDBs nowadays do not have void decks; I’m gonna grow old feeling so lonely because I do not have a sheltered place to hang out LOL. #justsaying

People will see me very often at the gym and pool if I said I would. That’s my ultimate point of buying a condominium – not having to share a public gym and pool, the sense of security and a generally quieter staying environment. (Bless me that my future neighbours aren’t noisy!) Mom didn’t spare my ears from her opinions when I casually voiced my thoughts numerous times. If my CPF and bank account most likely grant me a flat instead, I must make my personal gym room! I have been dreaming about it for years, so whoever my lifelong partner is, has to compromise on this. I know I’m not the fittest person you see around and I do not possess impressive muscles to blow you off your feet, but boy, my determination in this aspect is bigger than my petite frame.

A search on google and pinterest for home gyms showed more overseas results than what I could find in Singapore.

 photo 03 HDB Living Room Bendemeer 3 Room 02_zpsftudrxjn.png

A gym room that “oversees” the living room is probably the most common in Singapore. That’s if Singaporeans have enough space and fitness motivation. Exercise haters would shove it right into my face with “Don’t be stupid lah! You are wasting an entire room to torture yourself!” Seriously, I have no idea who is stupider. I had instances when I was gym-ing during staycations and such idiots will give me a lecture on me “wasting” my staycation doing stupid exercising. #WhyNotMindYourOwnBusiness

 photo contemporary-home-gym_zps63utugge.jpg

Not sure if this is some clubhouse’s facility or what. TV in gym room is love.

 photo small space_zpsnfnkslhc.jpg

No TV? A nice view will do too. 🙂

Planning the space before hand is very important because I don’t want to improvise some other room into a gym room after I have stayed in it for some time. I need to have it ready the moment I move in so that the setup and interior will be the most ideal. This room will impact my motivation to work out and stay fit constantly!


Although my dream gym room is not going to happen any time soon, I already have a rough idea on the kind of equipments I want to have. Here’s some:

1. Wall mounted Pull up/ Chin up Bar

I love challenging myself and I want to try doing workouts that men can do. With my height, it is a bigger challenge when I want to try to train my pull-ups in public because… I can’t reach the bar even when I jump.


 photo Screen Shot 2017-09-15 at 3.08.07 PM_zpsjwhgk6am.png

2. Dumbbell/ Fitness Shelf

I love this! These are the things that can potentially take up a lot of space and creating a mess, so it’s a great idea to maximise the wall space!

3. Leg Curl Machine

Leg muscles are sexy! That said, I might not be the typical love skinny-legs-kinda-woman.

4. Bike/ Cross Trainer

Don’t think I would ever buy a treadmill because I have bad motion sickness. No matter how long and how slow I take to cool down on this machine, my legs will never stop walking/running after I get off. (I ever banged into a door in the gym once because damn legs lost control.)

 photo Screen Shot 2017-09-15 at 3.12.27 PM_zpsnzboikrj.png

5. Yoga Mats

I like a variety of workouts but I was more into swimming, cardio, strength and core exercises. I have grown to love yoga ever since I picked up this year! It helps in easing my back pain, muscle stiffness and spinal lengthening, as well as regulating the breathing.

Should my future gym room be too small, I will probably just put in 2 yoga mats (hoping that my partner is a yoga lover too) and that fitness rack. There are plenty of workouts online that do not require equipments!

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This gym room should cost as low as a few hundreds to set up (without those heavy equipments of course), and I am prepared to put aside a maximum of 10k just to fulfil this little dream of mine. Fancy more relaxing workouts? Hikes/long walks are a great way to burn some calories without stressing the joints, and also provides a relaxation for the mind and heart.

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