Most Effective Hair Products I Ever Tried

I have been using this shampoo & hair mask for a few months now and I am stoked! My head of hay has been the softest and smoothest in the last 15 years! If I had reviewed and said any haircare products were my favorites, please allow me to change it to this now. I kid you not, I am totally in love with this 2 amazing products!

I first get to know about this brand AISAN when my friend shared it with me. I read through some product information and was piqued with interest seeing that it is made of mainly botanical extracts and paraben-free. She sent me some samples to try and after using for just a few days, I immediately place my order for 2 sets.

 photo IMG_5023_zpszpw6lshg.jpg

One step solution to the 9 common hair PROBLEMS!!!
 Dry Hair
 Oily Hair
 Frizzy Hair
 Damaged Hair
 Deep cleansing for hair scalp
 Dandruff & Oily control
 Restore hair split ends & Knots
 Improved permed & dyed hair damages
 Shinny & Smooth hair
 Concentrated & Durable
 Enhance hair growth
 Prevent hair falls
 Healthier product with no silicone oil contain

Revitalize dry hair cells by promoting growth of new hair cells, restoring your hair to it’s healthy and original state!

 photo IMG_4154_zpssddr8ueo.jpgPic taken after few uses. I couldn’t stop touching my hair. Since when my hair doesn’t look and feel like cotton wool?!

This amazing home repairing treatment consists of 2 products.

1) ASIAN TOP TEAM Pure Flower Extract Shampoo (500ml)

Main ingredients:
Rosarugosa, Coconut Oil

Ability to produce new hair cells on DRY hair cells, aiding the repairing of hair to its soft and silky, youthful stage.
 Deep cleansing for hair scalp
 Dandruff & Oily control
 Restore hair split ends & Knots
 Improved permed & dyed hair damages
 Shinny & Smooth hair
 Concentrated & Durable
 Enhance hair growth
 Prevent hair falls
 Healthier product with no silicone oil contain

How to use:
Wet hair thoroughly, after massage the shampoo into our scalp gently. Wash after approximately 3 minutes to allow your hair to absorb nutrients from the rose extract.

2) ASIAN TOP TEAM Revitalising Hair Mask (500ml)

Main ingredients :
Butyrospermum Park II, Rosarugosa, Avocado oil, Wheat Protein, Revitalising Essence

Ability to restore and repair damaged hair from the 9th to the 3rd tier, subsequently to its natural state with specially picked proteins.

How to use:
1) After washing your hair with Asian TOP TEAM Pure Flower Extract Shampoo, apply an adequate amount of hair mask on your damaged hair ends.
2) Allow your hair to absorb the nutrients of the hair mask.
3) You can use this mask daily as an intensive conditioner.

  photo IMG_6658_zpsyih9ceoj.jpg

I have not been tracking my progress down to the micro details because I know it works for me. It wasn’t until recently that I had a good chance to scrutinise my hairline. I went around the house telling my family to check out my newly-grown baby hair! I was forced to think that they would never ever grow again!

Below are some before and after photos from real-life consumers.

 photo IMG_3963_zpsolqqbjhr.jpg

 photo IMG_3962_zpsj4a2be4z.jpg

 photo IMG_3964_zpsdujkzxyf.jpg

Then after around 2 months of usage, I decided to go for a rebond touchup despite I was warned not to because I already had keratin treatment done. It was best to leave the hair untouched for a year but I couldn’t live with my curly roots!

 photo before after_zpsavcfiacx.jpg

I wasn’t surprised that the chemical treatment left my hair in a very dry, crispy state. I took AISAN to a further test and a week later, my hair got so much better! It used to be an irreversible process! Of course, on top of using only AISAN shampoo and mask, I made sure to apply my favourite Moroccan oil on my hair before any heat drying.

What I also like about the product is that it contains dior perfume to make the hair smells so good. The rest of the ingredients are natural an so far my hairfall has been lesser compared to before. My ladies in the house have all switched to this brand as well!

 photo IMG_9246_zpswqyjx9rf.jpg

Retail Price

Shampoo (500ml) $28

Hair Mask (500ml) $38

1 set of shampoo + mask: $60 (you save $6!)

Beware of getting cheap deals on other selling platforms as they may not be 100% authentic! Authorized distributors are not allowed to give discounts unless the company comes up with any promotions.

To order, please whatsapp 9119 7712 (sms or whatsapp only please) or send an email to


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