Punggol Field Play for The Doggies

Doggies going for field trips are just like kids going on excursions – full of enthusiasm and excitement. Even though the pre-outing logistics preparation to getting them calm down to physically bringing the kids out for activities drain the hoomans out so much like squeezing an orange dry of its juice, the joy that the furkids bring are so much greater than anything else.

 photo 72BCD2B2-93ED-49D7-BDA6-D1900D75454B_zps4d4p3tza.jpg

Hooman catching a short breath even when the field trip hadn’t even started!

 photo 922E68F1-9591-4448-A8EF-052FB7A789C2_zpssh7dbnba.jpg

 photo 378DD6FB-6B21-4B4D-B3AD-71C7CBEA2658_zpsksk4jyfw.jpg

After one of their grooming sessions at Sopra Ginza, we brought them on an impromptu playdate with Ziggy in Punggol blk 600+.  The beautiful park features an alexander-alike bridge and connects to even Waterway Point.

 photo E26179DB-3BCA-44C0-950A-C8781F94BE9A_zpsrssqxlzn.jpg

Huge field where they can run leash-free and enjoy the wind and sun!

 photo E7F510AD-1491-4B95-A415-A6DFD8889C67_zpspk3oat03.jpg


 photo 62A85BE2-B117-4D10-BC83-913983829BF1_zpsstiki9cx.jpg

 photo CB9E54C1-BFC2-45BD-A951-A4430188C6DE_zpsfyqpzbzd.jpg

 photo 46F7CA88-98A5-4315-A83B-37A13A077272_zpsdbqvero2.jpg

 photo 3D5ECC96-AD17-4A7D-915D-9BD1A06F0874_zpsaglhzwou.jpg

Ziggy was in love with Mila.

 photo 9D585911-C447-4600-BCB6-7C0B4ABF27E1_zpsxsfisqbw.jpg

Princess Mila lying down the ground rules for their yet-to-blossom relationship.

 photo EDCC3085-A189-4FD8-B33C-371E70A8788F_zpszpwjieny.jpg

 photo 31269C72-3958-4398-92A5-C381680C6227_zps3xdu1ufl.jpg

But it’s ok. Ziggy was glad to be able to just look at her.

 photo 97A7FBF5-7926-4F08-8AFA-CA622E2B27A7_zpsg9znp3p0.jpg

 photo 123296C7-390A-48D1-B9CB-C5BFC849548E_zpsmtwdpsin.jpg

 photo 560BEB53-B7D8-409D-AFE5-2EEDD8790329_zpsxnccvaks.jpg

 photo 279810A7-7647-4DFB-B79E-047872A5E3F3_zps0ffmompg.jpg

 photo 960E1D48-A3FF-457F-B672-7C558B55C1EC_zps9t42ed64.jpg

The lust was real. ;-p

Doggies playtime + hoomans’ workout = perfect weekend

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