Suffering a Retina Tear

If I had used the word “traumatizing” often in the past, I must not have known the real meaning behind this word until May 17, 2017. Since I started specs-wearing from the age of 8, I built up the phobia of deteriorating vision and blindness. I maneuvered around darkness in my own familiar surrounding well (i was literally half blind with my severe myopia), but I feared, and still fear darkness to the extent that I might suffer a panic attack should I not control the paranoia.

I waited a decade and more to know that I have a chance at seeing well without the aids of glasses. I was filled with glee after my EpiLasik and Cornea Strengthening procedures. I also read up more about eye conditions and am more cautious in taking great care of the eyes and any negative symptoms if it occurs.

One night, I went to bed after switching off the lights. My eyes were close and I felt myself and my heartbeat getting ready to fall into a slumber. Suddenly, I saw 4 sharp orange light flashes, together with 4 sharp buzzing static-like noise. The flashes jolted me awake as my eyelids flew open to see what caused the lights. The room was still dark. I think I might have such experience before but because I have had recent eye procedures, I emailed Eagle Eye Centre my experience. They got back to me within the day warning that it could be a sign of posterior vitreous degeneration. We arranged for a checkup the next day and I was given 2 pieces of bad news.

My eyes were having very high pressure of 30 and 20, and I had a small tear in my right retina.

How could this happen just 2-3 weeks after my last eye review?

I was afraid, but I had to be calm and do the right things for my eyes then. The specialist told me that the high pressure might be because I was reacting towards steroids negatively, in the form of anti-inflammation eyedrops I was prescribed. I was told to stop that particular eyedrop and was given some oral medication to bring down the intraoccular pressure. If the pressure unfortunately do not go down in a few days time, I might face the risk of having Glucoma.

A small tear was found in the right retina and a laser surgery was required immediately. I was overwhelmed and yet thankful that it was discovered early. A day surgery was arranged on the same day, my little sister accompanied me all the way. I thank God I wasn’t alone. The procedure took less than 10 minutes, but I was shivering throughout from the cold and all I had to bear. I was given a 4-days MC. 3 days later, I went for a review and thankfully, my eye pressure was back to normal and the laser had started scarring around my retina tear – a sign of healing. A week later, I went back again for another review and optic nerves check. I was very blessed to be healing well and doing well for all checks.

During that episode, I had so many questions in my head that I didn’t hesitate asking my specialist. I was wondering could the tear had happened because I had lasik done? The possibility is extremely low (0.25%) because lasik only corrected the frontal part of the eye, whereas the retina is at the back of the eye. What caused the tear is most likely due to my severe myopia in the past. Flashes are caused by the gel in the eye (vitreous) pulling on the retina. This pulling is what caused the retinal tear.

Although that tear has been fixed, it is still possible that other parts of the retina might tear in the future, and since I have had a tear, the chances of it happening is higher as compared to others. There are no preventive measures except to lay off contact sports.
The warning symptoms are advised:
1) sudden increase in floaters
2) block in peripheral vision
3) blurring of central vision
I am writing this post now because I had flashes again last night. I had a tooth extraction just yesterday and I was hoping there isn’t any direct impact to the eyes. I am monitoring at this time and I pray that I would not have to go in earlier than my scheduled check next week. I need lots of prayers and His protection.

 photo BC076711-D21C-43C0-8459-3C29741AF420_zps2ggmtugy.jpg

 photo 60BAA75C-B510-4A34-86AF-8AAC0886F3CD_zpsxtxpt8xr.jpg


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