Pet Sitting Service

I have been wanting to do what I like so much and since I’ve been petsitting for a number of years and enjoying the dog walking/running sessions, I thought why not do it for an income? On top of this, I have also just signed up for a basic dog grooming course to see if I actually have a flair in this and also perhaps provide additional services during daycare or housesitting.

 photo E1220139-68E2-4743-A0F9-F842E92F9B36_zpstdcnjagu.jpg

I didn’t know that a petsitting/boarding community exists until I saw a portal’s sponsored ad. Most dog owners would probably find a friend or boarding house (one that has a shop) to leave their pets with while the humans are busy or overseas, but with such portals, it’s so convenient to find a sitter who is near you!

Perks of This Job

  • Can play with dogs or cats
  • Can meet my workout quota by walking or running

 photo B751C1CA-BEA4-4857-9C0A-9BC2D2172031_zps8pafuzut.jpg photo ED4C581A-38DD-4F8B-AA9D-FD16A6B8E750_zpsywid77g2.jpg

Services I Provide

  1. Home visit/ Daycare in your house
  2. Housesitting (I will stay overnight at your place if you are overseas)
  3. Dog walking

Additional services like showering, administering oral medication and simple errands available too. Simply drop me a message to discuss or for fee enquiry. 🙂

 photo 6BA271B1-8F44-4239-9534-733E092983C4_zps9fjiycqo.jpg

How to Engage My Services

  1. Via Pawshake
  2. Via Furwy
  3. Email me at with your name, contact number, pet’s breed/age, required service and date (more discussion over whatsapp if it suits you better)

 photo A150AE39-71BB-4580-BD47-B33D800EC4C4_zps3a0qbroa.png

My profile on Pawshake

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 photo 9F3D8047-2E7D-4832-8848-3A3FAC23C202_zps5qq4inmc.jpg

My profile on Furwy

I am new on both portals so pardon that there’s no reviews yet. Feel free to contact me for a non-obligated discussion!

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