6-Course Boston Lobster Set at $36.80++

An unplanned lunch choice ended up to be a 6-course one. As a reward after the city hike and also as the bebeh’s birthday treat, we winded up at Mouth Restaurant initially for a 3-course meal but a look at the 6-course Boston Lobster & Seafood Set menu made us cancel the previous order right away!

 photo IMG_2547_zpssrpedmzr.jpg

Only $36.80++ each pax for this luxury lunch! The portions are served individually and are relatively generous.

 photo IMG_2550_zpsuodzgwsk.jpg

Fresh Fruits Salad with Fresh Scallop

Very appetizing and great as a first course as I always prefer to have my fruits before the main dish.

 photo IMG_2549_zpscd6cjbca.jpg

Thai Inspired Braised Quad Treasure Soup

We were a little skeptical about that thai green sauce at first but it paired wonderfully with the soup!

 photo IMG_2551_zpsnqm6uon7.jpg

Steamed Pacific Fish Fillet in Blended Nonya Sauce

Fish was really fresh. We never knew it can go so well with this particular sauce. Needless to say, we were nodding away at the palate’s happiness.

 photo IMG_2553_zpsiir8h3yl.jpg

Sauteed Boston Lobster in Cream of Salted Egg Yolk

The star of this entire 6-course lunch! I was glad my bebeh enjoyed this so much. There was plenty of meat, although I’d like it better if it wasn’t fried on the outside.

 photo IMG_2555_zpsa5mxb52i.jpg

Garlic Infused Fried Rice with Baked Chicken Meat

I was already feeling quite full when after the 4th dish. I managed to eat a bit of this. Bff liked it a lot too.

 photo IMG_2556_zpsfgbvdvrx.jpg

Homemade Vanilla Pudding with Berry Sauce

This dessert is the only dish we didn’t know how to appreciate. The pudding wasn’t smooth enough and the berry sauce didn’t appeal to me.


Overall, this set lunch is super worth it! I am not sure if they still have this but you can check out Mouth Restaurant’s Facebook page for other promotions too.


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