Hiking: Katong to Marina Reservoir & The City

Sweating it out is our new kind of sexy! After the urban hike from Katong to Kallang, we decided to take a longer hike this time to test our stamina since we normally capped at 10km, and also to indulge in some nature view along the way! The weather had been really cranky but we made it through without too much delay! Our feet carried us all the way from Katong to Tanjong Rhu, Marina Barrage, Gardens by the Bay & Marina Square! Where the cars can go, we can go too (almost)! 

 photo IMG_2517_zpsl66mlhms.jpg

It was just a day before my best hiking buddy’s birthday, and I am so proud of her, of us and our achievements! It might be nothing great but I am immensely proud of us for choosing to work out instead of lazing around.

 photo IMG_2521_zpswbzkqhfv.jpg

My choice of active outfit is usually a tank/tee with long tights. It has been such a long time since I wear any office attires, I realized! Yes, it is very hot to be in long bottoms but I prefer to have some compression and also protection… just in case I fall down. ;-\

I love this black pair from Forever 21 so much because there are 2 deep pockets on each side of my thigh. My hydration belt can only hold a bottle, some dollars, card, keys and a phone. If we are going for a longer hike and further away, I prefer my phone to be in my pocket (even if I carry a hydration backpack). It is extremely functional since I’ll most likely bring my wet wipes and tissues.

 photo IMG_2522_zpsdr7dgir7.jpg

A cap is important to keep the sun and hair out of my face. Do you know that the scalp can get UV-damaged too?

I can’t stop emphasizing how essential it is to have proper shoes on even though technically it’s only walking. We need to take good care of the joints and ligaments and slippers/sandals are just not designed for long distance.

 photo IMG_2529_zpscjx9n9hd.jpg

We walked along Marina Reservoir and found ourselves at Marina Barrage. I remembered it used to be a trendy place for youngsters to hang out for picnics. Good to visit this place again!

 photo IMG_2533_zpstpvxvvae.jpg

 photo IMG_2534_zps2ocefzgg.jpg

There is a connecting pathway from Marina Barrage to Gardens by The Bay. This aunty here hasn’t even been to GBTB!

 photo IMG_2540_zpssz0xihew.jpg photo IMG_2541_zpsbke8ffwk.jpg

We were already very hungry before reaching Marina Barrage, but we decided that we should continue walking to Marina Square for lunch to clock a longer distance as well.

 photo IMG_2545_zpshqqrwycx.jpg

 photo IMG_2543_zpsnzszno0s.jpg

Loving the architectural structure of Helix Bridge.

We had an awesome lunch; an impromptu 6-course lunch that probably input more calories than we burnt. We assured ourselves that it’s fine, because even if we don’t work out, we might be pigging out anyway! ;-p

 photo 8cb27b7b-4e74-4d06-901c-30a2ec92ff45_zps0egxt79k.png

Took a bus back to the east and walked an extra 1.5km , that made up a total of 14km for this hike. Yay!

Will be back with more routes! 🙂

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