Sopra Ginza Singapore Pet Salon

Hair is not just the crowning glory of women and men, but pets too (unless you have an American Hairless Terrier or a Sphynx)! Even if the pawkids wouldn’t care much about their outlooks, the pawrents definitely will not say yes to a bad haircut or grooming services. Finding a pet grooming salon is easy in Singapore, but one that caters to the pawrents’ preferences in terms of shop’s hygiene, customer service and the quality of the services is just like hitting the jackpot – you don’t usually get it at the first try. There is a comparison since we had a real-life terrible experience with one particular groomer (more in another post) but here’s our favourite, and hopefully the pawkids’ too.

Sopra Ginza, a Japanese pet salon opened their first outlet in Singapore in April 2013. There are 3 branches: East Coast, River Valley and Bukit Timah.

They offer grooming, spa services, daycare and boarding services. A full grooming session will range from $50 to $150. Ala-carte services like nail clipping, ear cleaning, anal gland expression,  toothbrushing and dental care are available as well. Price list is here.
 photo IMG_4274_zpsiz4qbw2b.png

CNY grooming earlier the year

Mommy S has brought Petra & Mila to Sopra Ginza (East Coast, joochiat area) a number of times. In fact, Akiko has become their regular go-to groomer!

 photo IMG_4273_zpsr5nbsugp.png

Why We Like Sopra Ginza?

  1. The salon is clean and spacious
  2. Salon is air-conditioned and well-ventilated
  3. Cage-free environment (this means a lot for dogs that are easily stressed out by cages)
  4. Quality services
  5. Friendly and very patient staff
  6. Cute photo after each grooming session

 photo IMG_2096_zpsn27dyh9z.jpg

Bff also sent Buddy to try out the grooming during one of our urban hikes.

 photo IMG_2089_zpsty6dfmyv.jpg

The little grump was happy (his face showed the opposite though lol) and even praised for being very well-behaved!

 photo IMG_4431_zpsbbwilhzu.jpg

After hearing our praises for Sopra Ginza, WoaWoa’s pawrents also decided to let her try it out! Check out my cute teddy bear! That round round paw, I cannot stand! ;-D

 photo WoaWoa_zpsjyofpmlw.jpg

WW must be thinking “What’s up with this gigantic bow?” ;-p

If you still have not found your preferred groomer, do consider Sopra Ginza.

East Coast Branch

118 Tembeling RD, 423617

9296 2067/6247 9073



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