Urban Hiking: Katong to Kallang

I am starting to miss all those weekday hikes! Now that my bebeh has returned to the battlefield, there is no one but myself to work out with, with whatever free time I have until.

 photo IMG_2080_zps95dxlati.jpg

With one of my favorite little guy and also one of the reasons why I want to become a professional dogsitter.

 photo IMG_2060_zpsqx76u38z.jpg

The biggest challenge we face for our hikes is always the weather. Each time a hike route is being planned, we will have ponchos ready in case it rains halfway during the hike and also a plan B in case it rains even before we start hiking. Plan B being hitting the gym or swim at bebeh’s place.

On this day, the weather was unpredictable and gloomy on and off. As we sat through the the rain at bebeh’s house, we came up with the plan to send little buddy to the groomer nearby (20-30 mins walk), get lunch and then hike to Kallang Stadium.

 photo IMG_2069_zpssief3rgn.jpg

Unfortunately, 10 minutes into the walk, it started raining again! We had to seek shelter at the bus stop and wrapped the furkid up before he catches a cold!

 photo IMG_2134_zpsiaezaf28.jpg

Hanged around at the bus stop for a good 15 minutes and ended up running late for the groomer’s appointment! Luckily the groomer is very flexible and understanding about it!

 photo IMG_2101_zpskg8h1fof.jpg

I had my tracker running the moment we left bebeh’s place. We had a healthy meal at Maki San and started routing from Katong i12 to Kallang Wave Mall.

 photo IMG_2138_zpsvs0lr9w7.jpg

While my tracker clocked almost 8km, S’ app showed an almost 10km. Hmmmm… not sure whose is accurate! I am using Runtastic by the way. We ended the hike at Kallang Wave mall, had teabreak (oops ate more than we burnt!) and Uber to pick Buddy before walking back to bebeh’s house.

 photo C99E853E-19C2-42D4-AE14-845796D584D1_zpslifzeo1t.jpg

Overall, it has been a good walk – a little slower than usual but so blessed to work the blood circulation!

 photo IMG_2096_zpsn27dyh9z.jpg

Buddy after grooming!

 photo IMG_2089_zpsty6dfmyv.jpg

This groomer will take a nice photo, print out and paste it in the pawkid’s booklet for the pawrents. The photos are what we usually look forward to! Will blog about the groomer in a separate post! 😉



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