Dog Run at Simpang Bedok

There aren’t many dog-friendly places in Singapore, especially a safe, enclosed place where the doggies can be let off leash and run freely happily. The most common dog run in Singapore we’ve heard of and been there is the one in Bishan Park – not only there is a water tap available, there are also many dog-friendly cafes situated within the park. However, it can be quite tiring to drive all the way from the east, so when we heard about a dog run in Simpang Bedok, we didn’t waste time to check it out with fellow pawkids and pawrents!

 photo otw to dogrun_zpsxvi9jrq3.jpg

Car ride with this 2 can sometimes be quite deafening ;-p

 photo red riding hood_zps6q0tcekg.jpg

Little Red Mila Hood raised her eyes, and when she saw the sunbeams dancing here and there through the trees, and pretty flowers growing everywhere, she thought: ‘I would enjoy this flowers and grass buffet.”

 photo outside view_zpsqptder5i.jpg

 photo fence facing jln pari burong_zpse15uvvcs.jpg


Located along the cross section of Upper Changi Road and Jalan Pari Burong, this place can be easy to miss if we didn’t know where to look out for. Parking is easy on Sundays so far, but except for a grooming shop there, there seems to be nowhere else that the humans can go take a leak or sit down after runs with the furkids.

There is no water point too, so be sure to bring plenty of water for your pawsies!

 photo my bark will go on_zpsbn4hwn2j.jpg
Princess Mila aka The Barkersaus has no volume control. If you ever bump into us here, come forth and say hi! Mila is just loud and talkative but pretty harmless!
 photo clan_zpsxhroipf6.jpg
Momo, Petra, Ziggy (recently adopted by Jaz) & Mila
 photo ziggy_zpsaeozga0c.jpg
Expect lots of butt-sniffing.

 photo S2_zpstgap325x.jpg

What commanded such attention when there are so many dogs running around?

 photo treats_zpsw3bfqf28.jpg

The treat-suspender has some tricks!

 photo S_zpst2ho7s7g.jpg

 photo brown dach_zpskaaaoqws.jpg

Belly-flopping and the love for belly rubs seem to be quite a dachshund thing?

 photo momo pooping_zpsiaqxe118.jpg

 photo chh fans_zpskgusibuf.jpg

Bff and Buddy came along – garnering an audience behind the fence. Petra whined and whined for Buddy, who didn’t bother to even look at him.

Well, actually Buddy is a dog with a cat attitude. He dislikes mingling with dogs but is extremely manja with his humans. He loves walks but hates it when there are other dogs around.

 photo buddy the cat_zps8aj6fat1.jpg

No joke. He sees a fellow dog like he sees a ghost.

Overall, we can see that the pawkids enjoyed themselves at the dog run. I can imagine if I am a dog being leashed up, how nice would it be to run freely. They have been there twice and we will be exploring another dog run soon!

 photo dog group_zpsrfrsbqsr.jpg

Ending with a cute group shot of this 4 at Happenstance.

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