A Birthday to Remember

2017 has been very kind to me so far. This year’s birthday holds great meaning for me. I lost someone who used to be so precious to me last year and got let down again and again. With a less than positive mindset, I was assuming that this year will be a sad and lack-of-luck one, but no, life goes on. As if to cheer me up, God sent me some angels I call them my family, companion and best friends, and also, the BIGGEST GIFT OF MY LIFE.

I had planned a number of events to happen for this first quarter – half of the year, especially so in the month of March. I was going through a blast of life – in a very holistic way too on top of squeezing in all the hair and nails appointments because I knew from April onward, I would need to take a “retreat” from everything chemical.

The Birthday Celebration

 photo IMG_2148_zpsvszamo3u.jpg
Had a great experience celebrating Grandma’s, Dad’s, the cousin’s and my birthday together. It was the first time all the march babies in the family celebrated together, all thanks to Mom who went through great efforts to organize.

 photo IMG_2286_zpso1fnbwj8.jpg
Another advance celebration with two besties. We pampered ourselves with a massage session, dinner and mahjong.

 photo 470ED141-755A-4A31-B71B-520F1F946FC2_zpsi0kjcof9.jpg
A lunch at Riders’ Cafe on my actual day. Read about the birthday present the cafe gave me if you haven’t. 🙂

 photo merchant_zps1fv8d57v.jpg
A staycation at Swissotel Merchant Court, a very peaceful dinner at Blue Potato and lunch buffet at Ellenborough Market Café. Thank you for making my special day special for me.

A Small Windfall

I won the lottery on the same day. It wasn’t a huge sum but it was just enough to cover the expenses of my life-changing operation. (Read below)

I prayed to God daily to guide me through all these, to let me have a new chance at my life and miracles happened. They really do. I am gratified and I couldn’t possibly ask for much more.

I Went Through An Emotional & Energy Detox Session

 photo IMG_2457_zpshmhfunvs.jpg
I figured there was a lot of trapped emotions in me that has somehow affected my life in every way possible. Even the pains that are unexplained. I want to be able to face it and release it. Blog in a separate post soon.

Seeking Help for My Severe Myopia

I booked a consultation with Dr Julian Theng from Eagle Eye Centre (EEC) after finding out they have solutions for many eye conditions, including Keratoconus (KC).

Since Keratoconus is a medical condition, I was all set out to use the insurance to cover me with the procedures which will most likely cost me over $10,000. The assessment left me reeling in shock. I had been wrongly diagnosed with KC by a lasik centre in Singapore and I lived in misery for 10 years thinking there is no hope for my eyes. Although I can not claim insurance if I wanted to proceed with correction, I know for sure that this is something I must do for me. Thank you EEC for giving me hope!

Read about my assessment at EEC: https://herine.wordpress.com/2017/03/27/the-decade-long-wait-to-save-my-eyesight/

 photo IMG_7390_zpss1kijbhn.jpg

Getting Lasik and Cornea Strengthening done

My procedures were scheduled less than 2 weeks after my consultation. It has been more than a week since my procedures. I have been resting a lot at home, and not to mention, GLASSES-FREE.

I will also be blogging on this separately on the details of the procedures, pain level and recovery once I fully recover. 😉

So much has happened in a month, it’s overwhelming, wonderful and simply surreal. I am happy with the results so far. With such severe myopia, I don’t expect to achieve a 6/6 perfect eyesight but let’s see. Follow me on Instagram for more updates! Till then!


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