Riders Cafe Gave Me A Birthday Present!

This has got to be one of the most fun and impromptu birthday ever! Few days prior to March 11, S made a reservation at Riders Cafe, since she felt the birthday girl who loves brunch food deserves a scenery she will enjoy. The bestie who shares the same birthday as me decided to join us! It was such a pity though… that 2 birthday girls have no honour of getting the balcony view because Riders Cafe is very strict on the first come first served policy;  reservation doesn’t count.

 photo 470ED141-755A-4A31-B71B-520F1F946FC2_zpsi0kjcof9.jpg

We were planted right in the centre of everyone else, where we can smell the horses but see nothing. LOL We shall not let this dampen our moods! Being with pals meant the most!
 photo 27BC2B98-AB16-4B7B-BFD3-F78A978A35D9_zpsoiylastg.jpg

The much needed caffeine

 photo 857A494A-B219-4B20-B3AC-D42C2CFC26C1_zpscdqqqtzv.jpg

Homemade sausages with scrambled eggs on rosti

The portion is really big! They are certainly generous…

 photo 1A214975-4476-4586-B262-164F359F9AF6_zps5w8hsvyf.jpg

…even with the egg shells. I swallowed some but this piece is really too big for me to chew.

Thank you for the CALCIUM PRESENT! 🙂

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 photo 6AD8F98B-4C42-4BA7-80F3-686C4BBF695F_zpsz38pq9bc.jpg

The nomilicious brownie cake with ice cream that both birthday girls insisted not to have any candle on.

 photo F0EE038C-0B0C-4BC4-941D-62CF199B9436_zpsclp4mzuh.jpg

Thank you for the lovely time people! I might reconsider going back to Riders though. The queue is mad and the cafe is quite stuffy.

“Thirty was a big deal for me. It was the age where I reevaluated everything – how I approached life and how I thought about myself.”  – Amy Adams

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