We Heard What The Dogs Say Through A Communicator

Have you ever wondered what’s on your dog’s mind? Or wished that you knew if your dog is happy? Dog communicators are not unheard of, but not extremely common in Singapore. Out of the many friends whom I know have a pet at home, I know NONE who has ever done this communication experience with their beloved fur kid before. Is it legit? Well, we gave it a shot and here’s our experience.

What Prompted This Session?

S has 2 mini dachshunds – Petra & Mila, age 15 & 11 months respectively. They are two extremely sweet darlings with some behaviours that others might see as undesirable. But what really concerned S was “Are there any underlying issues that triggered their behaviour?”

 photo IMG_1312_zpsx97xqnkf.jpg

For Petra, there aren’t many issues to deal with, except for his constant whining (separation anxiety contributes to it) and marking. He has a mild phobia of not having his human by his side.

As for Mila, she….. is a special case. Haha!

 photo IMG_0544_zps33gleahy.jpg

Mila barks at almost everything – from food, toys, going out for walks, seeing strangers or dogs, seeing her humans come home, to pretty much everything she deems foreign at home (and outside).  If you’ve ever heard a hound bark, you’d know how deafening that can be. Mila, being a “talkative” and spontaneous little fur ball, doesn’t really understand the concept of time, so she’d bark even in the wee hours when normal humans are asleep. Mind you, there are times we go to bed with our ears ringing…. #truestory

 photo IMG_2682_zpsgpw1rpg3.jpg

S had engaged a dog behaviourist for her, but even though she did show some improvement, her barking persists. [Cue music] “My Bark Will Go On”…. (hum in the tune of Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On”)

That’s not the end; dear Mila also refuses to pee on her really expensive Korea-imported pee tray. #theworldishertoilet

Ok, enough of the bitching (pun intended)… hurhuhrhur… in order for S to know what her dogs are thinking, she decided to engage the services of a friendly dog communicator. And just in case your brain is over-dramatizing the settings of this session, it is actually pretty simple, and can be done via whatsapp after you send the communicator a picture or two of your fur kid.

The Telepathy Session

 photo 1_zpsiygc6j7m.jpg

Mila the complain queen.

 photo 2_zpsjofhflqh.jpg

 photo 3_zpssma40e1k.jpg

Mila thinks that Petra is the ANNOYING, younger sibling but makes use of his body warmth when they are sleeping.

 photo 4_zpss4ahxuae.jpg

Now we know that belly flop is a trap! Wahahah!

 photo 5_zps2cmgdhqg.jpg

Shortly before Natalie told us what Mila told her, I was giving her a back rub while S was busy typing away!

 photo 6_zps0x6ow4c6.jpg

 photo 7_zpss7gpteya.jpg

 photo 8_zps7npjyybd.jpg

 photo 9_zps3clschsc.jpg

 photo 10_zpsr6xol9te.jpg

Done with Mila and moving on to Petra!

 photo 11_zpsavqeoj05.jpg

We burst out laughing at Petra’s introduction! He’s often praised for being a good boy!

Petra finds Mila noisy. I am not surprised. ;-D

 photo 12_zpsdleytzgu.jpg

Whining is how Petra expresses himself.

 photo 13_zpsfypdrgfn.jpg

What a loving boy!

 photo 14_zpsszyiyipd.jpg

 photo 15_zpsxznm1ecy.jpg

Petra doesn’t refrain telling every thing including his itchy ass. The part where I actually lifted him off the floor was after Mila saying that she is more atas and looking down at Petra. Some times, I carry them and whirl around the room like I’m dancing with them. So now I know that I see it as dancing and Petra sees it as flying!

 photo 16_zpsdccx65sq.jpg

 photo 17_zpsuhm7rio8.jpg

Read Petra’s 1st Barkday post here.

 photo 18_zpslyyagcub.jpg

Petra emphasized on his love for the family.

While the Mommy S was still busy exchanging text messages with Natalie, I looked over at Petra and asked him “Petra, do you love me?

Few minutes later, Natalie’s text came in saying “He suddenly says yes, he treats her as part of the family.” I swear, that had been the happiest thing I’ve heard whole night! This two-hour sessions have been so fun and informative!


Dog training techniques have proven to be effective, but what if you coupled those techniques with the understanding of your dogs? At the end of the day, as much as we have to be pack leaders to our pooches, we are also pawrents and their best friends to begin with.

“It’s the understanding that gives you the leadership.” – Cesar Millan

About Natalie Chan

Her love affair for nature started since a young child and that led her to pursue a career dedicated to working with and pushing for the highest quality of animal welfare. In wanting to do more for the animals under her care, she sought ways to understand them better and that led her to find and take up animal communication. Since 2005, her day job has given her the chance to work with and train over 30 species of animals, domesticated and wild, and understand these animals in different settings – in captivity, free ranging, and animals shows to name a few.

Email | Facebook

Fee: $100 / hour via whatsApp

(You’d be glad to know that Natalie donates a portion of her keepings to Animalsasia.)

*Friendly advice: if you own other pets like a cat, unicorn or triceratops, you might want to check with Natalie first. =P

Co-written by Sharon Wang.


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