Natural Herbal Hair Care Treatment

Hair plays an important role to the physical age. The lack of a full crown may easily add on 10-20 years to a person. Other than looking pretty with all the colors and chemical treatments (rebonding/perming), scalp care is one thing that many neglect, including me.

From oral supplement to tonic spray and tonic solution via a dripper, I am constantly open to trying hair loss solutions. Fortunately the last few products seemed to work fairly well for me, but I’ll not stop at improving my scalp and hair’s health with natural ingredients. I also try not to consume too many supplement or pills of any kind because it might put stress on my kidneys. The search led me to this natural herbal scalp treatment.

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  1. Removes dandruff
  2. Removes excess oil on scalp
  3. Prevent hair loss
  4. Improves hair growth

To enhance the results of this hair care treatment, the herbal formula includes Angelica (Danggui), HeShouWu and many other herbs. For example Angelica (Danggui), is known for its effectiveness in preventing hair loss, improving hair growth and blood circulation, while HeShouWu promotes healthier hair growth and strengthens the hair to prevent hair loss.


  • Prevent hair problems while nourishing the scalp
  • Stimulate hair follicles
  • Protect new hair texture and colour
  • Stop itchiness, remove dandruff and excess oil on scalp

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The entire process for my hair length took near 1.5 hours where my hair and scalp was properly cleansed first, followed by application of the tonics and the herbal treatment paste, then steam. After the final cleanse, the hair will be blow dry.

For Viv who was getting her manicure, pedicure and hair treatment, they concurrently did 2 services to save time.

 photo IMG_2404_zpsycl5mh0s.jpg

Free from preservatives and entirely natural, this treatment left my scalp feeling  “breathable”. Since I have oily scalp, I tend to itch and require at least 1 wash per day. After this treatment, my scalp still feels decently clean even 1 week after. The herbal scent is pretty strong though during washing for that period of time but nothing unbearable as I like TCM and natural products’ smell.

I believe a healthy scalp will promote healthy hair growth. If it isn’t genetic, hair loss should be treatable. This treatment is very affordable in my opinion.

Price range $38-$42. 

Available at Tip Toe Nails & Hair Spa

Blk 826 Tampines Street 81 #01-118 Singapore 520826
(Take bus 293 from Tampines Interchange. Alight at Blk 827, 5 stops later. The shop is right behind the coffeeshop at the corner.)
 9161 1243

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