Style Angel: Blue and Lavender Ash in My Hair

Hi! I’m back! The blog migration has taken weeks and even though it is not entirely cleared up yet, I am proud to introduce my new hair sponsor – WOW Style Angel! I have been there twice as a satisfied, paying customer  for a color and Keratin treatment (check out my vibrant silver and neon yellow hair here!) thanks to K & J’s strong recommendations.

Another reason why I chose WOW Style Angel because they operate a business with a good cause. In November last year, they gave out a total of 25 packets of rice (2kg) for the 25 Seniors who came for their FREE haircut. Yes, free haircuts are given to seniors every Monday (limit to first 20).

 photo free haircut for seniors_zpsk54jjy8n.png

For any other days, a senior haircut costs only $10.

 photo side_zpsakmqqqk7.jpgThe final result

This visit called for a great opportunity to touch up my grown-out hair colors. I had no qualms with almost any colors so I left the decision to the Salon Director cum Chief Stylist, Angelina, who picked out a dark purple for my base, blue and lavender ash for my faded old highlights.

I love how I can change the look by different styling. The color products that they use are also less harsh and even though I have weak, fine hair, my hair did not frizz out or break when I bleached my hair the last round.

 photo Before_zpsl60pjefz.jpg photo After_zpsvck8oo10.jpg

I am playing with the idea of growing my hair long again which explains the lack of a big difference in the haircut.

 photo overview_zpsfdwcjkhq.jpg

The salon has a Lamborghini ride for little boys/girls. Other than 2 normal washing basins, WOW Style Angel also has automated machine – great for wheelchair-bound, pregnant and just any customers. If you require professional haircare products and advice, they are the one to go to. Makeup services are available as well.

 photo olaplex_zpsv6vszmo6.jpg

OLAPLEX, “insurance for the hair” is a bond multiplier that links broken disulfide bonds in the hair. It allows the restoring of strength, structure and integrity of the hair without silicone/protein that merely coats the hair, tricking us into thinking that the hair is smooth.

Olaplex No.1 is to be added into color or bleach products to protect hair from being damaged. No.2 is used after rinsing of the hairdye and No.3 is recommended to use once a week as a treatment.

Usually it costs a hefty sum for this Olaplex treatment elsewhere, but WOW Style Angel has a really affordable price. You can call them at 6291 2128 to inquire if you are keen. 😉

 photo styling 1_zpso4sdik9g.jpg

As I have little hair, a hair-volumizing product was sprayed near the roots when styling. it gives my hair much more volume. I have this Powder Shake from Shiseido at home too.

 photo style 3_zpsfrn28mx7.jpg

 photo Featured_zps996v5ghf.jpg

And of course, a discount for my friends and readers!

Quote “Herine” for 20% off all regular hair services

 photo shop front_zpsnhz8jsy8.jpg

34 Whampoa West #01-75 Singapore 330034
(1 min walk from Boon Keng MRT Exit B – turn right) [For parking, please enter car park (SDKB11) via Serangoon Rd. FREE Parking on Sun & PH]
6291 2128
Do follow them on FB & IG!

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