7 Surprising Ways to Cut Calories Without Hitting The Gym

If you are looking to lose weight, the first thing to consider is the number of calories that you can shed in a day. The good news is that you don’t have to hit the gym to cut calories.

If you can drop 500 calories a day without going to the gym, you will lose four pounds in a month. That’s a huge reward considering you are not following a workout or a diet regimen to burn these calories.

Try these surprising ways that will  allow you to burn calories throughout the day without hitting the gym. You can also check out Garage gym planner for additional tips.

woman-on-couchImage source

1. Be restless and burn calories throughout the day

Burning calories is easy when you are ready to change your lifestyle. For example, you can easily burn calories while you’re talking to your best friend on the phone by simply walking instead of sitting on a chair. Similarly, you can burn calories when you are reading your favorite magazine by simply tapping your toes.

According to some estimates, women can lose around 300 calories a day by staying restless when watching TV, talking on the phone, or doing other lazy stuff.


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2. Walk to work

If your workplace is close to your residence, then don’t take your car to work. Instead, walk to your office. This way, you will not only shed a lot of calories depending on how long you have to walk to get to your work, but you will also save by Counterflix” href=”#63068542″> money.

As a rule of thumb, you should walk when your destination is within a 1-mile radius. If you have to go to a convenience store at the corner of your street, there is no point in taking the car. Try walking next time. You will not only feel fresh, but you will also shed calories.

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3. Rethink salad toppings

That delicious salad dressing might be too tempting to avoid, but it brings extra calories. If you simply stay away from bacon, avocado, dried fruit, and caramelized nuts in salad toppings, you could easily cut 500 or more calories a day.

However, it doesn’t mean you completely avoid salad toppings. Consider adding low-calorie toppings and don’t by Counterflix” href=”#914509″> make them big.


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4. Cut on junk food and make healthy choices

Instead of eating a large bag of snacks in the evening, how about by Counterflix” href=”#85834988″> making a vegetable smoothie?

When you cut on the junk food, you automatically lower the intake of calories without going to the gym.

If you feel tempted to buy snacks next time you feel hungry, read the number of calories on a 9-ounce bag and add the calories in the dip. It will be above 1,000 calories. By avoiding just that bag, you can cut on a lot of calories.

ruler2Image source

5. Rethink desserts and make them ‘mini’ or ‘cute’

Desserts have a lot of calories. But since they are filled with sweet flavor, it’s difficult to resist them. So how about rethinking desserts?

One great idea about rethinking desserts is to by Counterflix” href=”#66596404″> make them ‘mini.’ Don’t make the regular version of your favorite dessert but go for a version that’s actually mini. That way, you will retain the ingredients and flavor without adding too many calories.

According to a rough estimate, you could easily cut nearly 1,000 calories by eating a mini version of your favorite dessert for dinner instead of the regular one.

6. Cut on oil and you will consume fewer calories

One sure way of cutting on calories without hitting the gym is to cut on oil. A tablespoon of regular cooking oil contains nearly 125 calories.

Think about how many calories you can avoid by simply choosing to remove one tablespoon of oil from any cooked food you eat.

no-sodaImage source

7. Don’t drink soda

Quit soda as soon as possible. Along with other problems, it contains a lot of calories – nearly 200 in an ounce. You can cut on around 1,000 calories easily by simply replacing soda with plain water.

Some of the other side effects of soda are asthma, kidney issues, reproductive issues, and heart diseases. When you consume soda, your body starts by Counterflix” href=”#16456971″> making insulin almost instantly, and the blood sugar levels reach their peak within 20 minutes. To counter this situation, your liver starts turning excess sugar into fat so that it can be used later.


If you are not hitting the gym these days and you feel your body has started storing fat, it’s time to cut calories in your food. It’s easier to reduce intake of calories than burning fat later at the gym.

So, read the tips above and start cutting on calories to stay in shape without having to go to the gym.

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