Why I Need to Train Myself to Run

My absolute imagination many a times pushes me to do something that I may otherwise have prefer not to. I wasn’t a running person, but ever since I embarked on my fitness journey, I have started to do a tiny bit of jogging. Back in school days, I have always done better at short distances. My speed was pretty amazing however it was capped at 400 metres. You can guess how badly I did for my 2.4 kilometres.

One day, while doing my walk-a-jog at Bedok Reservoir, I suddenly recalled why and reminded myself that I really really need to train more on running. Because I never know if there will be a day I need to run away from zombies, murderers or crazy people. Some credits to the movie “Train to Busan” and S, for chasing me from behind.

I have great fear of someone chasing after me, even if that person is someone I know. It can be just playing/fooling around, but once a person start to display motions of wanting to run after me or picking up speed, my legs automatically start dashing. LOL. Someone was literally laughing at my frantic expression.

Over the years, I have tried a few times to overcome this fear, but for some reasons, it only get worse. it also doesn’t help that I get plenty of bad dreams and nightmares. Most of them are of people or non-people chasing me. Of course this zombies-plague thing most likely won’t ever happen, but I am quite sure that no matter what, I’ve got to be able to run for my life if needed. The worst thing that can ever happen is being harmed because I have no stamina to run at all. x_X


It’s hard for me to find someone to train running with. Apparently, most of my good friends HATE RUNNING just like how Petra hates crossing the bridge. I try to run as much as I can whenever there’s any outings with the doggies. I appreciate having to run after them cos that’s one of the few reasons I get to really run haha.

Some photos from the outing with the dachshunds at Kallang Riverside Park some beautiful afternoon!

petra-mila sausage-sideview

Sausage side view ;-D


How a dachshund flatlay would look like



Kodi running towards me #hearts

1 2

Kodi running towards me again.


Check out the video here. They are just so darn adorable.


Thank you nature!

Check out this video when the kids tried to chase after an otter!


me-n-kodi us

Let’s do more walks and run the dogs!

Check out the new Crunch app if you haven’t! This app tracks the calorie intake and output and I even manage to redeem free deals!

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