Petra’s 1st Barkday!

9 doggies, 11 humans. Does it sounds like a party? To celebrate Petra turning 1 year old, his pawrent really put in much effort to ensure that he has many fur-friends coming. From decor to goodie bags to food, it was nothing but the very best for the furkids!  If only Petra knows how much love he is getting from all the human friends and the Mommy! I told S, I wanna be a dog in my next life if I am getting such a life like Petra.


Credit: Pawlicious Pet Bakery

The pawty package that S ordered from Pawlicious Pet Bakery looks superb!

The package consists of:

  • 5″ Meatloaf cake (Salmon, Lamb, Beef, Pork or Chix)
  • One Medium Wheat Free Salmon or Tuna Pizza
  • 8 x Crustless Quiches (Tuna, salmon or chicken)
  • 8 x Dehydrated goodie bags 80g/bag

A top-up was made to the PACKAGE B (usually $189.90) for a tier cake instead. They were able to customize a figurine of the barkday boy based on the photo S sent and with some color theme conveyed, the end result was absolutely stunning! Boy, I have never get such a beautiful cake for myself before! #AbitJealous ;-p


Figurine is meant as a keepsake, not for eating.


Look at this tier cake! While we were sourcing for a pet bakery, cakes from others really lose out to what Pawlicious has!


The pawkids have to go home with something to make them even happier! Snowmen drawstring bags from Daiso doubled up as goodie bags “packaging”! Inside each bag, there’s a chew rope toy from Daiso and some treats from Pet Lovers!


Because it was the Christmas season, the humans got some Shepherd’s Pies from The Shepherd’s Pie (yay! finally!), pizzas and drumsticks from Domino’s!


Mila was so afraid of the lion standee but for FOOD’s sake, she came as close as she could.

img_0303 img_0300


Nothing trains their focus better than food. Nothing, I emphasize. Well, maybe not for Tyde haha.



My bebeh brought Buddy! Look at the boy’s anti-social face muhahaha. He wanted no one but only humans he know. Cat much.


Bark, chase, sniff, eat, pee and poop. Repeat.

img_0319 img_0325

Of course, the barkday boy had almost no idea what the day was about. He only wanted to jump off and continue chasing after some dude or babe. ;-D

img_0332 img_0336 Only Donnie can carry it so well!
img_0346Buddy was a fine, fine bait. But it’s okay, he trusts Aunty Herine to protect him!

Everyone scrambled to get their phones when Donnie’s pawrent announced something….


… that he will some times scratch/touch himself down there when he sits.

Smart Donnie knew there were too many cameras for him to tarnish his image.


Bebeh with my Kodi bf!

Group photo! Spot the smiling ones!

Tyde: “Come on! Let’s grin for the pawfect shot and get it done and over with!”

Donnie: “Urrgghh! I’ll try!”


AFTER 10 over shots….

Humans: “Let’s do a funny one!”

Donnie: “Sure! URRGGHH!”

The rest: >_<



Woots! Check out all the aunties & uncles’ gifts for the barkday boy! NOM NOM!

Happy 1 year old Petra!

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