LASHFOOD 5-in-1 Lash Transformation Kit

LASHFOOD® LASH Transformation System is an all-in-one kit for creating beautiful, lush lashes – naturally. The set features 5 of their top selling lashfood products that promises longer, thicker, stronger looking lashes in 4 weeks!


The set consists of the followings:

  1. Phyto-Medic Natural Eyelash Enhancer
  2. Conditioning Lash Primer
  3. Conditioning Drama Mascara
  4. Conditioning Liquid Eyeliner
  5. Conditioning Instant Eye Makeup Remover


Step 1: Phyto-Medic Natural Eyelash Enhancer (AM+PM treatment)

The world’s first and only Ecocert certified lash enhancer that builds longer, stronger and darker lashes with a proprietary blend of natural and organic ingredients.



Apply nightly to clean, dry skin. Sweep applicator brush along lash line. Let product absorb before applying other products.


Step 2: Conditioning Lash Primer (AM treatment)

Lashfood’s first lash primer featuring lash lengthening microfibers infused with proprietary Nano-Peptide Complex to strengthen weak, brittle lashes.The wand combs and separates lashes while simultaneously improving the vitality of natural lashes.



Apply to lashes before using regular mascara.



Step 3: Conditioning Drama Mascara (AM treatment)

Offers unparalleled volume and length with a proprietary formula infused with Nano-Peptide Complex that conditions and strengthens lashes from the roots. The mascara imparts a long-lasting volume and high-pigment color, while transforming frail and brittle lashes to thicker, longer lashes on a cellular level.

Smudge-proof. Also available in semi-waterproof and waterproof formula.

Colors available: Black, Brown


Step 4: Conditioning Liquid Eyeliner (AM treatment)

A revolutionary, liquid eyeliner that lengthens lashes while delivering a high-pigment formula. The natural Nano-Peptide Complex fortifies and rejuvenates weak, brittle lashes while offering immediate cosmetic effects.

Colors available: Black, Brown



Step 5: Conditioning Instant Eye Makeup Remover (PM)

Uniquely formulated to minimize lash loss and breakage when removing mascara and eye makeup. Its gentle yet effective ingredients will leave skin feeling soft and lashes hydrated.

All LASHFOOD ® products are exclusively formulated with a proprietary natural formula that delivers noticeably dramatic results. Lashes are left stronger (not wispy) and healthier. LASHFOOD® products deliver efficacy at the cellular level to feed lashes with some of nature’s most powerful ingredients. LASHFOOD® is part of the JB Cosmetics suite of top brand innovations in pharmaceutical-grade treatment products.

Available in all La Vida outlets.

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