Brunch at Punch

Sundays are made for brunch! I truly appreciate brunch menu that is healthy and yet appetite-whetting. This is true at PUNCH. After my visit, I totally understand why this cafe has been so popular even though it’s not a place we pass by any other day unless we are working there.


Walked in in the afternoon at 2+ and was surprised to see a packed cafe. I smelled coffee and couldn’t wait to wake my senses with some good brekkie food and aromatic caffeine.


Croque Madame


Don’t belittle the Croque Madame. Expect brioche with cheese and ham served with a poached egg on top. It sounds really simple but I love it so much I would not mind having it for my breakfast daily.


Poached Eggs with Mushrooms

This dish is J’s must-have. She has the same thing each time she visits, until the cafe folks noticed.


I love breakfast that packs a punch. I can have breakfast all day long. Black tea to go along with this meal although I would very much like to have a second cup of coffee for the day.


Thanks to the cafe staff for this great photo!

We will be back to try the Earl Grey Pancakes that so many are raving about!


Punch is located at 32 North Canal Rd, Singapore 059288. They are closed on Mondays.

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(ps: This is not a sponsored post.)

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