Furballs Overloaded!

Hello! I finally “revisited” WTF (We are the furballs) after their move. This time, I was excited to know that instead of 7 resident dogs, they have added 3 more to their big family! No photos of every single pawkid but scroll down because they are just so fantastically cute! Just remember it’s a cafe housing their own dogs, so you are not allowed to bring yours.

I have blogged about WTF in 2013 when they were still located in Joo Chiat, but the new space at Bugis Plus is much more spacious and doggies friendly! And I have an infatuation with BuiBui… haha. I think one of their new additions is of buibui’s breed too? But I didn’t see him/her around.



you bet 😉


Family tree wall

 photo lola comic_zpsa79j51gm.jpgLola aka Her Royal Highness


The main playground


You can purchase a small little pack of treats for the dogs and feel like a king/queen while it lasts!


Our access passes damn cute! The “Dog Food Tester” is really so me!


And my bff… the chicken sexer LOL



S’ favourite is Slinky! She simply loves sausages 😉


Waffles and Muffins had some squabbles so Muffins just went to sit on Waffles to shut her up haha.


Slinky being the smart and low-lying fella was just chilling in her little cubicle.


Duchess was enjoying Viv’s massage…


Love this pic of her… she looked like she was waiting for her lover.

It was a great Saturday night even though I was exhausted from work’s event!


We are the Furballs (WTF) is located at:

201 Victoria Street, #07-07 Bugis+

Call 6509 1186 to book your slot! (They are usually quite packed)

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