Wine and Merry on Black Friday

It was Black Friday, I was dragging my weary feet in the heavy rain to meet my dear friend after work. God knows why I feel this tired. Shopping online was minimal; other than purchasing new dumb bells and kettlebell, as well as a Furla bag, I really had nothing else to buy. Anyway, it was FRIDAY bebeh, I had to destress and we deserve some nice food and drinks!


Enjoying my glass of wine at Wine Connection while working! 😉


Spicy Seafood Bowl – appetizing!


M first time trying their pork chop and it was very very fatty. #NoLike


J’s Tenderloin. Yummy!

She had wanted the duck breast dish but sad to find out that they removed it from the menu!


W’s Seabass Fillet – served with roasted vine tomatoes, crushed potatoes, green beans and red capsicum sals. I’m coming back for this!

img_9714More wine please!  img_9717

Great company on a rainy Friday night.

Counting down…


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