Korean Food Overloaded!

We need to be reminded not to over-order when we have Korean food! We tend to visualize ONLY the food amount we are ordering (well, that seems quite alright for 3 pax) and then when the side dishes come… UH OH. Erm, we totally forgotten the generosity of Korean side dishes. We broke into cold sweat as the dishes get served one by one.


We happily dug into the seafood pancake, followed by yummy steamed egg served in a big bowl. but it really wasn’t that funny anymore when plates after plates were being brought up to the table. I really dislike wasting food so all of us ate like a full day’s worth of meals – in ONE MEAL.


How to finish all of these? Not even all was pictured.

Some of the sides were really interesting and appetizing. I could just have them with plain rice!


Where is this?

Ju Shin Jung Korean Restaurant

102 Guillemard Road #01-01 Singapore 399719
Tel: 6440 7707


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