Wicked + MBS Staycation!

Yo, I am back with some quick photos and what I was up to recently! 2 weeks ago, I went to watch WICKED – The Musical with a great companion! Almost at the same time, I made a major decision – to quit my full-time job and take a break. Many people are quick to jump at me about cutting off my main source of income at this period whereby unemployment rate is high. I thank them for their nagging concern. Those who really understands my situation, will know that I am just saving myself by doing it. 😉


WICKED has captivated 50 million theatregoers of all ages, and is already one of Broadway and the West End’s most celebrated, spectacular and successful musicals of all time. Discover a colourful fantasy world of wizards, witches, sorcery and magic and experience an enchanting story of two unlikely friends – the blonde and popular Glinda and the green-skinned outcast, Elphaba.


We gotten really good seats in the centre, thanks to S. I rate this musical a 4.5 out of 5!


it was a lovely weekend and since I was dressed up, I decided that I need to selfie like the vainest woman on earth so I can use the photos over a few articles. ;-p

Right then, I got photobombed because my dear friend got so bored waiting for me to be done with my endless selfies.


We were really hungry so we bought 2 chicken rice sets from SIN KEE chicken rice stall at Rasapura Masters – 24 Hour Food Court in Marina Bay Sands. Both plates of vegetables had extra protein bonus for us!

I returned the veg to the stall and all they did? Smile at me (cos I pretty is it?!) and immediately pushed the plates back to the kitchen before coming out to ask me if I would like some bean sprouts instead. #NoThanks

Thereafter, I couldn’t even finish my rice because my imagination was too powerful. I only eat fried worms, such raw ones I cannot stomach. HAHA.

img_8678 img_8679

it was already near evening when we checked in to the room! MBS is so huge, we were really exhausted from all the walking!


Got a tiny shock when I happily took out the items to see and then realized once it’s taken out from their spot, it will be CHARGED to the room. Thankfully, it wasn’t. I guessed the sensor will charge to your card after the item is missing for more than 5 minutes? *shrugs*

Late dinner was in-room dining with superb view! It was so chilly with the balcony doors opened! And yeah, look at the kind of food U have been eating… not surprised that my muscles are flabby already. o_O But the food was VERY GOOD lah!

Side track a little… have you read about how The Western Co (eatery that offers raclette cheese) is committing their “suicide” on social media? Hah, very poor customer service and reviews. Have to salute these young and “brave” strawberry generation owners though for their extreme stupid courage to offend too many people out there!


My gift from S! So beautiful and made from scratch by talented Emma!


Surprisingly, ever since I hung this up in my bedroom, my nightmares are less frightening and I seem to have much lesser bad dreams! Is this for real?!


Guess what we did right after checking out the hotel?

We tried out this SIN LEE FOODS in Jalan Bukit Ho Swee! Click here for the review.

More staycays coming up, stay tuned! 😉

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