Sin Lee Foods – Cafe That Serves Unique Creations

I have such great imagination and affection of food that I can literally smell ’em off the TV screen and get hungry instantly even when I have just filled my belly. Hunger is an understatement. I get hungry at the IDEA of food. 😉


My thigh was already itching from stretching, thanks to all the truckload of food consumed over the last couple of weeks. Yeah, this photo is a candid shot and I was caught scratching my thigh. #SexyMuch

It took me 3 years to get off the habit of heavy snacking/ hearty supper before sleep. I was constantly peckish. I could get up in the middle of night to make myself some cheesy omelette or instant noodles with loads of ingredients in it. Do you believe that I used to take 8 to 10 meals a day? I am THAT awesome. ;-p


Last week, S suggested brunch at Sin Lee Foods. Who could say no to brunch? We arrived at an older estate in the central part of Singapore. The cafe shouts old school concept, and serves modern, unique food creations.


Image source: Sin Lee FB


Outdoor seating of Sin Lee.


You’ve been warned. Haaah.

This doesn’t apply to me because I can never wait that long for the best photo of food. I want them in my belly fast while it’s still hot!



Sweet potatoes rarely appeal to me but this was so good! Eat it while it’s piping hot – that’s when the salted egg is a perfect match with the fried sweetness.



Creamy Scrambled Hen’s Eggs, Aburi Soy Cured Salmon and Tuna, Sautéed Mushroom, Sprouts, Housemade Pesto and Aged Parmesan. Soy and Wasabi on the side!(I asked for extra wasabi)


I have never seen this dish on brunch menu elsewhere! This creation had me stuffing my mouth with its delicious “salad” mix mouthful after mouthful. The portion was so huge! The scrambled eggs had a little too much salt sprinkled on them but still good.


S feasted on her Chicken Waffles (not pictured) which I thought looked a little too plain but the chicken portion was big as well.


The meal of 2 mains, 1 side and 2 beverage cost slightly over $70.

Sin Lee Foods is located at:

4 Jalan Bukit Ho Swee, #01-164 Singapore 162004

(T) +65 63773170

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