Awesome Pawsome Day!

You know, sometimes lazy humans like us can’t be bothered about taking a walk or a jog in the parks or beaches. BUT IT IS POSSIBLE thanks to the pawkids! First, I get to hit my walk quota (ok, I don’t exactly have a number but yeah it makes the sentence sounds nicer), get to run (because no choice the dog drags me LOL) and also some chat & playtime with the pawrents and pawkids.

I would choose my tee-shorts or gym gear over dressy attires any time! It is also one of those days with the best, legit reason to be totally makeup-free!

img_7796img_7795Hello Petra, Mila & Buddy! Pardon Mila, she was really busy having her plants buffet. Parks excite her! The trio looked like they were friends already!  img_7776

NOT. Buddy was clearly out-numbered.

The very first moment when they met… this depicts the old-school ah bengs and ah lians’ favorite phrase “Come, put time put place” – which indicated an arrangement to set a place and time for a debate/fight.


With some kind of exercise done, it formed a perfect excuse to get both humans and dogs some nice nom and a place to chill. I suggested Paws n Pans, formally known as 3 Barks Cafe (which i blogged about before) as they have 2 levels of seating with doggy playground.



Where Petra and Mila continued showing their overwhelming love for Buddy.


A welfie with Casio ZR5000‘s beauty mode!

cimg2357 cimg2358cimg2362

Buddy: “Can Petra stop stalking me like a hungry crocodile?!” o_O


Mommy S to the rescue and it was sliding time for Petra & Mila!

cimg2369 cimg2371


Good kids waiting for their meals.


Chomp Chomp away!cimg2374 cimg2376

Basil Fried Rice was surprisingly good despite its simple look!


Bff ordered some chicken with salted egg yolk and she had her thumbs up for it too!

cimg2384 cimg2385

My favorite has got to be this stack of waffles with ice cream and this huge pawprint on it.


Awesome pawsome day it was. 😉

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