A Newborn Is Always The Best Photo Subject

Motherhood is so amazing! At times, I wondered how a petite woman (my best friend) standing at only 150cm, weighing less than 40kg can carry another human in her stomach. Until the day she gave birth to 3.75kg baby Anders, till today when he has passed the first month of coming into this world, we are still in awe. I guess this new stage in life needs time to get used to! 😉
 photo collage_zpsthfntwht.jpg

I remembered when I first visited the new parents and baby in the hospital, he was kicking up a big fuss as he had been trying to feed the whole afternoon. A hungry baby is the loudest, angriest baby ever.


Baby Anders still had his mouth half opened waiting for his milk as the overly-enthu Aunty Herine demanded for a zillion photos.


Finally satisfied after another meal! #FoodComa

img_7821 img_8238

With the mommy who dropped back to 41kg after one month!


With another good friend and her baby girl, Xuan Xuan!


A photo with the hippy parents and baby Anders who tried to wave at the camera.


Come come, Aunty Herine feeds you milk milk!


Happy boy after his numerous feed!


Last group pic of the 3 bffs in sec sch + 2 additional members!

Happy one month, Baby Anders! You will grow up to know that Aunty Herine will still be as weird as ever. 😉


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