My Friend Sprouted LOTS of Hair with This!

Following the significant hair growth boost with the oral supplement I took over a span of few months, I was recommended this hair tonic by my friend who has had fantastic results. A bottle of Audace Extra Hair Reactive and Hair Fall Control Tonic only cost me approximately SGD$15 from Watsons and after briefly taking a look at the ingredients, I bought it to try with my sisters.


There are many causes of hair loss in both men and women of all ages. While some hair loss is normal as a part of its life cycle, psychological or chemical changes within our body can affect the condition of the hair. That includes: stress, tension, diet, poor blood circulation, physical sickness and medication.

Healthy scalp attributes to healthy hair. Microbial infection, pollution, hardened sebum, dandruff, undernourishment and physical stress can also lead to excessive hair loss.


About the product

A treatment containing complex ingredients formulated to counter the unwanted effects of hair problems and to protect and maintain a healthy scalp. Enriched with vitamins, proteins and anti-oxidants, Audace Extra Hair Reactive and Hair Fall Control Tonic helps to rejuvenate and nourish the scalp to promote strong and healthy hair growth.



Main Active Ingredients

Biotin and Panthenol

  • control metabolism of sebum in the skin’s cells
  • improve skin’s albumen and sebum metabolism
  • promote growth and pigmentation of hair

Quaternium 51

  • prevents itching and dandruff
  • improved hair growth stimulant

Menthol, Camphor and Plant Extracts

  • stimulate blood circulation
  • increases oxygen and nourishment supply to hair cells

Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein

  • gives hair strength
  • supports moisture regulation of the scalp

Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride

  • helps to dissolve the crystals of cholesterin that reside in the space of hair shaft and follicle
  • these crystals support a disease of the follicle which if left untreated can destroy the hair bulbs


How to use

Spray tonic onto scalp and massage for 3 minutes using fingertips. Use twice daily for first 2-3 months, then reduce to 3-4 days a week, if desired. There is no need to rinse off.


What I Think

I had a hard time parting my hair and using only one hand to put pressure on the nozzle initially. Will have to be extra careful especially when spraying around hairline as fluid may drip and get into contact with eyes and skin. The tonic dries up fast and leaves a refreshing, minty sensation. I am not very sure if it really works for me but I did spot lesser hair-fall.


Left pic: AFTER   Right pic: BEFORE


Real Results

My friend who experienced hair loss problem due to medication has seen very good results within one month of using Audace Extra Hair Reactive and Hair Fall Control Tonic!

She has thick, voluminous hair which fell out because of her medication, leaving her with bald patches especially around the hairline. When she first started the product,she already told me that her baby hair is growing after a week’s use! Now her hair has grown back and she is no longer using this tonic.


If you are also facing hair issues, you might like to give this product a try.

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